The MTSU Promise at Motlow

John Davis

Your MTSU Recruiter

I’m your recruiter, John Davis. I’m happy to help you become True Blue.

Please contact me anytime.

  • We promise you guaranteed admission with a 2.0 and 24 earned college credits.
  • We promise you a $3000 per year scholarship with a 3.0 and 60 earned credits if you are admitted by the February 15th scholarship deadline. See the scholarship website for more details.
  • We promise you a smooth and easy process with access to our advisors for academic inquiries.
  • We promise you superior service from MT One Stop for all enrollment questions.

Students who Promise You, The MTSU Promise is Worth It

Hayley Austin, Class of 2020

Hayley Austin

I am working toward Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Minors in Social Work & Sociology. My big picture goal is an MSW in Social Work. Social Sciences have my heart! My favorite things about being an MTSU student is knowing that every day I am working toward achieving my dreams. The gift of education is paving the road of change for myself and my daughter to have a better quality of life. If I could give some advice to a Motlow student that was interested in MTSU , it would be to know that the time that you have spent at Motlow has prepared you well for MTSU. Also, ask questions, tons of questions: Mark Murphy is a great resource on all thing transfer related. For those who are dreading the additional schooling, the time will go by anyway. Invest in yourself and your future. #lamTrueBlue

Halie Monroe, Class of 2020

Halie Monroe

I transferred to MTSU after earning myAssociate’s at Motlow State Community College in spring of 2018. I am currently studying Biology and Psychology at MTSU, and I hope to become a counselor for Cystic Fibrosis patients and their families. My favorite thing about MTSU is meeting new friends and making new connections with others. I also really enjoy the sporting events at MTSU. MTSU professors Dr. Judith Iriarte-Gross and Dr. Ryan Otter have both positively impacted my MTSU experience. They have helped me navigate the ins and outs of class at MTSU and made me feel at home.