TRUE BLUE GIVE 2021 was February 14, 15, 16, 2021.

Over 800 MTSU alumni, faculty and staff, students and friends, from all over the country, came together to give over $450,000 to support MTSU students by giving to scholarships, emergency funds, athletics, and academics.

See this special message from current MTSU students:

What is the True Blue Give?

Started in 2018, the True Blue Give is a crowdfunding movement created by alumni and friends. Supporters make a gift online or by text in a very short timeframe (just 3 days) to show their support for current MTSU students by giving to areas on campus that have critical needs. 

In 2020 we set a goal to raise $375,000 from at least 600 people. Over 720 alumni, faculty and staff and friends gave over $450,000!! Last year you gave over $89,000 to Athletics for student athletes, over $92,000 for Scholarships and Emergency Funding for students, and over $220,000 to support Academic Colleges and Departments! THANK YOU!

In 2021, we needed our alumni heroes to support student scholarships and student emergency funds and you did! YOU helped bridge the gap when students need help the most. Your support of academic departments and student athletes was needed too and you rose to the occasion! We set a goal to raise $400,000 and you gave almost $475,000 to support fellow Blue Raiders.


Did you miss True Blue Give 2021?

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One of the few good things resulting from COVID is the $300.00 CARES Act tax break you can get from a gift – and you
don’t have to itemize deductions to claim it, and True Blue  Give gifts count.