Goal of the Initiative

True Blue Voter seeks to increase the number of MTSU students who are registered to vote to 85% and who vote to 55% by 2020. To accomplish this goal, MTSU will:

  • Convene the Rutherford County Election Commission administrator, MTSU Student Government Association leaders, and the leadership of the MTSU American Democracy Project to provide the voter procedure and voting practices expertise to identify the resources and best practices required to engage significantly increased numbers of MTSU students in voting. The primary task of the partnership: Assist students in learning the best ways to register and to vote and to help them become successful voters through individualized processes that best fit their unique circumstances. 
  • Coordinate new campaigns in voter registration and student voting, which assist all our students to successfully become engaged, voting citizens, through supportive activities that advance students’ civic skills.
  • Facilitate and develop marketing and communications activities and timeline to implement the True Blue Voter initiative through the MTSU Division of Marketing and Communications, toward our shared goal of every student’s success at becoming a True Blue Voter.  

Board Chairman Smith and Election Commissioner Alan Farley MTSU Board of Trust Chairman Stephen Smith with Rutherford County Election Commission Administrator Alan Farley

I'm registered to vote. Are you?