Facility Overview and Technical Information

Tucker Theatre Repertory Lighting and Curtain Plot

Tucker Theatre accommodates major music, dance, theatrical, and television productions, along with performances in intimate settings and a wide variety of such events as award ceremonies, films, pageants, recitals, product launches, receptions, and meetings.

All events at Tucker Theatre are programmed through our Events Coordinator. Call 615.904-8230 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, or fill out the rental information form under Rental Information.


  • Tucker Theatre is a proscenium theatre with two side stages.
  • Auditorium Capacity
    • Main Floor: 549 seats
    • Balcony: 290 seats
    • Total: 855 seats (see seating plan)
  • Load-in point: Loading dock at stage level is outside of the scene shop located off stage left. A load-in to the stage is through the shop. The loading door is 9'-0" wide by 10'-0" high.
  • Orchestra Pit: Located under the apron, its use requires significant advance notice. There is no lift system of any kind installed. Floor of the pit is 10'-0" below stage deck level.


  • Proscenium opening: 40'-0" wide and 20'-0" high
  • Height of stage from auditorium floor: 3'-7"
  • Front edge of apron to curtain line: 18'-0" O.C.
  • Curtain line to back wall: 38'-0" O.C.
  • Wing space stage left: 7'-0" and opens into shop.
  • Wing space stage right: 4'-0" off stage of cyc.
  • Height of grid: 50'-5 1/2"
  • Usual trim height: 20'-0" to 22'-0"
  • Crossover: Through hallway behind stage.
  • Stage Floor: Wood floor, slightly resilient, over cement beam support structure.
  • Traps: Three 3'-0" x 6'-0" removable traps (see Floor Plan)
  • Floor surface condition: Fair
  • Side Stages: Proscenium: 11’0” (h) x 16’0”(w); Black velour draw curtain manually operated: Operating lines are D.S.- Curtain Closes to U.S. These positions are difficult to light well.
  • Orchestra Pit: Tucker Theatre has an orchestra pit that can be uncovered upon adequate advance request.


  • Main Curtain: NAVY  Velour - Fly and Draw manual operation - Two panels 26'-0" x 24'-0" high
  • Teaser - Black velour, 5 Available, 6'-0" x 48'-0"
  • Side Stage Curtains (2), Black Velour, Manual draw operation (Lines DS), U.S. full closed,11'-0" X 12'-0"
  • Legs - Black velour, 5 sets, 10'-0" x 22'-0"
  • Traveler- (2) Black Velour sets (One at half Stage and one at Upstage), Each panel 26'-0" X 24'-0"
  • Cyclorama - Unbleached muslin -- off-white color, Hung on curved batten 25'-0" X 44'-0", Encloses stage space of 59'-0" X 31'-0" with all pipes flying within this space, Cyc is hung on line 25, 31'-0" from plaster line, O.C.


  • Lobby Location: Tucker Theatre contains one lobby located in front of the auditorium.
  • Lobby Facilities: The lobby provides a large seating/lounge area. To the lobby right is a men's restroom and drinking fountain and to the lobby left are a women's restroom and family restroom. Please arrange all use of the lobby through the house technician.
  • Box Office: There is one box office with three ticket windows.
  • Decorations: The lobby may be decorated by the visiting group for their performance but all materials must be removed by the group afterward. No double-sided tape is permitted in hanging decorations. In addition, any permanent marring of the lobby surfaces will be charged to the user group.
  • Food and drink are NOT allowed in the auditorium.
  • Chairs & Tables: Folding tables and chairs are available for visitor's use. Please notify the Theatre Manager in advance of these needs.
  • Marquee: The marquee may be used for advertising and promotion of individual events. All material must be presented to the theatre technician two weeks in advance of event.
  • Handicapped Access: There is a two stage ramp system in the front of the facility. The ramp winds patrons up from the accessible parking to the main entrance and box office windows.
  • Crowd Control: Stanchions are available for crowd control and limiting access to areas.


  • Location: BDA 112, Off the back stage hallway.
  • Description: Room is furnished with chairs, couches and tables.



  • Quantity & Capacity: Total Number of Rooms: 2 (one male, one female) contains restrooms with two showers each. Maximum capacity: Male - 16, Female - 14
  • Location: In hall behind stage on stage level. Access is from U.S.L. and down the hallway, or from U.S.R. and across the hallway.
  • Description: Each dressing room is furnished with one full length mirror, racks to hang costumes and a separate room containing a sink with lighted mirror, toilet and two showers.



  • There is one (1) Make-up room with a maximum capacity of 20 persons.
  • Location: In hallway behind stage, on stage level.
  • Description: One large room containing counters, chairs, lighted individual makeup mirrors and a sink with hot and cold water.
  • Supplies: No makeup or makeup supplies are provided in house. This includes tissues and soap.

Communication System

  • Theatre Communication System
  • 4 – wired ClearCOM units with headsets Single Channel
  • 1 – Auxiliary power unit for ClearCOM
  • 4 – Wireless ClearCOM units with Headsets
  • 1 – Wired ClearCOM Headset and control unit for each: Stage Management, Lighting, Sound
  • Telex in Orchestra pit, balcony, and catwalk.


  • Tucker Theatre is equipped with a single purchase, counter-weight system.
  • Total line sets: 34
  • Unavailable line sets: 4 and 5, 10 and 11, & 19 and 20 are electrical line sets used for lighting. Lines 2 and 3 are act curtain and teaser/legs.  Line 34 is the cyc. Line 31 is the rear projection screen.
  • Lines will fly approx. 51'-0".
  • Low pipe trim: 4'-7"

Additional information Concerning Fly System

  • Lines may be marked on the rail with 3x5 cards and ropes may be spiked with spike tape only. All cards and tape must be removed at strike. All curtains must be returned to their original storage positions during strike. Only qualified personnel may operate this system.  These must be employees of MTSU for insurance reasons. Weights - Regular brick – 22 lbs, Large brick - 44lbs, Small Brick – 12 lbs



  • Dimmers - Strand CD-80, 2400 watts, Total number: 192, Dimmer per circuit, distributed throughout the space.
  • Console - ETC EOS - Fully Digital Console.
  • Connectors - All stage circuits are 20A, stage pin circuits.


  • Tucker Theatre maintains a small assortment of gel in stock. Given adequate notice, Tucker Theatre may supply gel at cost to groups.
  • Please note
  • Some equipment may not be available due to routine maintenance rotation. To insure that equipment is available for your use, check with House Technician.


  • On stage
  • First Electric pipe - Circuits numbered 81-102 and repeated 81-102
  • Second electric pipe - Circuits 103-128 and repeated 103-128
  • Third electric pipe - Circuits 129-144 and repeated 129-144
  • Fourth Electric - Circuits 147-156 and repeated 147-156
  • Fifth Electric - Circuits 157-169 and repeated 157-169, This pipe holds cyc units.
  • Cove Wall Circuits 49-54 SR, 55-61 SL
  • Proscenium Wall Circuits81-83 SL, 84-86 SR
  • Rear Stage Wall Circuits - 175-186
  • AP Pipe - Circuits 64-78 and repeated 64-78
  • First Cat position - Circuits 19-48 and repeated 19-48
  • Second Cat position - Circuits 1-18 and repeated 1-18
  • Follow Spots - Located at rear of auditorium, Two follow spots are available for use, See Theatre Manager to arrange for spot operators.

 ***** Due to Fire and safety Regulations, Lights may never be used on the front railing of the balcony.


  • OSL Circuit breaker box
  • 100A quick disconnect for bare tail hook-up
  • University electrician is required to tie into this power source.
  • **Must notify house technician two weeks in advance.



Tucker Theatre can supply the following audio/visual equipment

  1. 1 - Video screen (15'-5" wide x 12'-6" high), frontprojected from FOH position
  2. 1 – Video Screen 18’ x 45’. Rear or front projected. Must be suspended from the fly system.
  3. Any other equipment must be requested 2 weeks in advance and is subject to availability of MTSU production services.



  • Ladders - Visiting groups may use ladders only with permission of the Theatre Manager
  • 2 - Hydraulic Lift, 25’-0” platform height
  • Acrylic Lecturn
  • Wooden Podium
  • Piano (Baby Grand (black matte finish) - Permission must be obtained in advance to use the piano and the visiting group will be charged for tuning
  • Telephones - A telephone may be made available if requested. These phones may be used for local calls only. All long distance calls must be made on calling cards. Tucker Theatre cannot accept any phone charges. 

 MTSU and its employees assumes no responsibility for accidents.




Please note that the user is not authorized to alter the physical plant, structure, or mechanical operation of Tucker Theatre or any of its support areas. This includes, but is not limited to: Modification, repair, or reassignment of any part of the rigging system of the theatre. Modification, repair, or adjustment to any part of the electrical system of the theatre. Structural changes to the facility, such as the addition or deletion of rigging positions, lighting positions; the rerouting of wiring, cabling, or conduit. 

Drilling, boring, or in any way penetrating cinder block, brick, concrete, steel, or any other such structural material located within the facility, where structural integrity will be jeopardized or visible scarring of the facility will result.


Please note that any major repairs needed within the theatre plant must be contracted though an outside licensed and bonded contractor. Due to insurance and safety risks, none of the following type of repairs / maintenance may be performed by the user group or any of its technicians or staff. 1.) Any electrical work at the circuit level. This includes (but is not limited to): tapping off breaker boxes, rerouting existing wiring, adjusting connect panels, altering dimming systems, opening manufacturer sealed devices, removing electrical panel covers, or any other item that the departmental Technical Director deems as hazardous to the current and future safety of the employees, students, and physical plant of MTSU. 2.)Any structural rigging within the theatre plant. This includes (but is not limited to): replacing head blocks, loft blocks, cabling, battens, arbors, or any other part of the counterweight system; adding or deleting line sets; permanent or semi-permanent installation of rigging of any kind, or any other item that the Theatre Manager deems as hazardous to the current and future safety of the employees, students, and physical plant of MTSU.