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MTSU Write

Inside MTSU Write: How it Works

MTSU Write is a writing-from-home program based on one-on-one mentoring. We focus on improving your writing skills and moving you toward the completion of a publishable manuscript. You may study with a different mentor each session, or continue with the same mentor for two or three sessions. With the completion of three sessions, sequentially or otherwise, students earn an MTSU Write certificate and are recognized at the Fall Conference.

MTSU Write is as much a community of writers as it is a school for writing, and you are welcome to continue to enroll with us as long as you wish. Many of our graduates continue to enroll in Write, finding our mentoring format an ideal way to help shape, sharpen, and complete future writing projects.

Fall Creative Writing Conference

We gather for master classes and community building each fall. During this time we answer any questions you may have regarding the program, and provide time for you to get to know mentors, students, and set your goals for your own writing. A keynote speaker will provide inspiration, and we recognize our program graduates with certificates and readings.

One-on-One Mentoring

This is the heart of MTSU Write. Each session you contract to produce three packets of writing that will further your overall writing goals. Each packet is submitted to your mentor on a pre-set schedule. It will be returned to you fully critiqued within two weeks. In addition to writing, you and your mentor will also set out a reading schedule consisting of one to three books per session. You are required to submit one reflection paper on each book assigned along with your writing packet. You and your mentor will determine the length of your writing packet and reflection paper.


Upon successful completion of three sessions, you are invited to a special MTSU Write graduation at the Fall Creative Writing Conference. Attendance at graduation is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged. Your presence will encourage other students, and they will benefit from talking with you and learning from your experience.

Post Graduation

Graduating need not be the end of your involvement with MTSU Write. Graduates are welcome to enroll in the program to continue working with our faculty on future projects, and to participate in future workshops, teleconferences, and community events.


Fall and spring trimesters cost $1250. Tuition does not cover books, materials, travel, or room rentals. Tuition for the summer trimester is $1000. 

Questions or Comments

Please send an email to [email protected].