1st Place Winner: "FacesSpace.com"

2nd Place Winner: "The Bocce Kid"

3rd Place Winner: "The Hostage"

2011 Film Festival Lineup:

Monday, April 4th and Tuesday, April 5th at 7 PM:

"The Hostage"
Runtime: 8:00 minutes
Synopsis: A man awakes in his garage to find that he's been taken hostage. He struggles to get free with no luck and is soon confronted by his captors and learns the reason for this strange and seemingly unwarranted situation he finds himself in.

"Stormi McKnight"
Runtime: 6:22 minutes
Synopsis: Psychology student Porter Marcrom invites homeless friend Stormi McKnight to live with him for a study on Stormi's very...special mental condition.

"Sad Bones"
Runtime: 2:17 minutes
Synopsis: A skeleton explores his thoughts about how he would live his life differently.

"Another Man's Shoe"
Runtime: 7:34 minutes
Synopsis: A groundskeeper discovers what it's like to be rich.

"The Dark Mike"
Runtime: 13:00 minutes
Synopsis: The line between reality and games becomes blurred for a young gamer after getting robbed on the other side of town.

"Hearts and Minds"
Runtime: 9:09 minutes
Synopsis: A heart-warming story of a man who returns home to face dreams and redemption.

"This is NOT a Job"
Runtime: 4:30 minutes
Synopsis: "This is NOT a Job" explores the life of one boy and his family through sensory experiences and 'real-time' tribulations of autism.

"Mark of a Hitman"

Runtime: 30:20 minutes
Synopsis: "Mark of a Hitman" is a dark comedy that focuses on an interview between Quinn and Tim Rogers. During their conversation, Quinn reveals details of his past exploits as a rather unconventional problem-solver.

"Sleepy Pie Skulls TV (Episode 2)"
Runtime: 26:00 minutes
Synopsis: The Pie Skulls let Johnny Mo drop some knowledge on your brains.

Wednesday, April 6th and Thursday, April 7th at 7 PM:

Runtime: 13:00 minutes
Synopsis: A love story.

"A Table in the Middle"
Runtime: 16:07 minutes
Synopsis: Jacob remembers his past as he prepares for a new season of life.

Runtime: 6:17 minutes
Synopsis: Deep in the annals of cyber space lives humanity's greatest annoyance. They can access your information, copy your class schedule, and hide behind the veil of social networking. They are the addicts of FacesSpace.com. But at least they're trying to get help.

Runtime: 5:37 minutes
Synopsis: A business man comes home to find himself in a chess match for his life.

"Held Up at Work"
Runtime: 12:00 minutes
Synopsis: While leaving work to meet two friends at the bar, Robert gets carjacked and taken hostage. He now has to deal with two masked assailants while his friends, unknowingly peruse the bar joking, drinking, and meeting women.

"The Bocce Kid"
Runtime: 25:00 minutes
Synopsis: A long-time rivalry between the quirky yet lovable Seventeeners and th
e mean reigning champions, The Greater Year's Championship. The ancient sport of bocce is the battlefield for supremacy---who will come out on top?

"Sleepy Pie Skulls TV (Episode 3)"
Runtime: 28:00 minutes
Synopsis: The Pie Skulls are planning the next big move, as they pretend to be grown-ups at a "BORED" meeting.See More

Friday, April 8th at 7pm:

The top three films will be re-screened and the awards ceremony to honor the winners will occur. Free popcorn will be provided by Dwight's Mini Mart.