Holocaust Studies

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Holocaust Studies

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Photographic Gallery of the Holocaust
Tennessee Commission on Holocaust Education
Holocaust Chronicle
The Nizkor Project
Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies: Virtual Museum
Women and the Holocaust -- A Cyberspace of Their Own
R emember the Women Institute
Women of Ravensbruck: Portraits of Courage
The Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
The Holocaust \ Shoah Page
The Yad Vashem Homepage
Gypsies in the Holocaust
Sachsenhausen Museum for Roma and Sinti victims of the Holocaust
The 'Devouring': A Look at the Romani Holocaust
Background: Life Before the Holocaust : Learning Voices of the Holocaust

For Teachers and Students

Guidelines for Teachers: Define the Term 'Holocaust'
Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Holocaust Timeline
Homosexuals: Victims of the Nazi Era
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust-Jehovah's Witnesses
Roma (Gypsy) Victims of the Holocaust: A Teachers Guide
Holocaust Institute for Educators
Gypsies in the Holocaust

Music of the Holocaust
Cybrary of the Holocaust: Remember.org
Children's Holocaust Memorial & Paper Clip Project Website
The Kindertransport Journey: Memory into History
Afro-Europeans in The Holocaust: Sterilization for Black Youth
The Disabled in the Holocaust: No Need for the Disabled

An Overview of the Holocaust at the National World War II Museum
Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation

Genocide Studies

USHMN: Responding to Threats of Genocide Today
Human Right Watch