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Pinnacle Honor Society

photo Pinnacle is MTSU's chapter of the national Pinnacle Honor Society for nontraditional students, generally over the age of 25. Our MTSU chapter makes exceptions for students with adult responsibilities who are not yet 25. In addition to the 3.0 GPA required for undergraduates (3.4 for graduate students), Pinnacle looks at previous community service, volunteer work, and honors which the student has earned in life.

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To apply for membership submit the personal data sheet along with your $40 check by the November 6, 2012 deadline for Fall 2012 or the March 10, 2013 deadline for Spring 2013.

Please note that the deadline has passed for the Fall 2012 application. We are no longer accepting applications.

Why Join Pinnacle Honor Society?
If you are a non-traditional student who excels in your college work, Pinnacle membership will celebrate your academic achievement as an adult learner. It can mark to others, on your resume, for example, that you were an above-average student without them having to look at your transcript. Alumni Pinnacle members tell us that it helped them during a job interview. It has also become a nice supportive group for those who have chosen to become active leaders in the organization. The officers of Pinnacle participate in the annual Adult Learning Conference and usually send representatives to the annual ANTSHE (Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education) conferences. They also contribute ideas to the Reach for the Pinnacle Student Success Series, a service project of Pinnacle that provides online workshops to develop study skills and paper writing skills aimed primarily at the non-traditional student population at MTSU.

The Pinnacle Honor Society was founded by Dr. Frank Julian, a faculty member and administrator at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky, in 1989. Dr. Julian recognized the dedication of nontraditional students and the institutions'inability to recognize these deserving students because of unobtainable requirements developed by traditional honor societies. Traditional honor societies recognized the accomplishments of typical traditional students (i.e. full-time students who have on-campus leadership responsibilities). In many cases, nontraditional students work full-time, attend college part-time, and care for family members. Many nontraditional students also live miles away from their school and attend via distant learning opportunities. So, Pinnacle was designed with those nontraditional students in mind.

Where does the $40 membership fee go?
The national Pinnacle Honor Society organization receives $20 for each new member. The national organization provides each new member their personalized Pinnacle certificate, a letter of welcome to the organization, a seal for your diploma, and a Pinnacle lapel pin (and because we usually have such a quick turn-around before the initiation, they usually have to overnight them to us).

The other $20 is an annual dues fee for the local chapter. We use that money to fund the publicity of our Reach for the Pinnacle Student Success series and for the costs of travel to the ANTSHE conference that might not be covered by the Student Activity Fee funds. It also provides part of the food served at fall dinner and the spring picnic, shared by the OWLs student organization for all our adult learners.

Need More Info About Pinnacle?
Please contact our officers at owls@mtsu.edu for details. Pinnacle membership is open to all adult learners who are juniors and seniors with a 3.0 GPA or graduate students with a 3.4 GPA. An online personal data sheet to apply for membership is available for your convenience. Don't forget to mail in your $40 check by the deadline to complete your online application.