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2017 MT Engage Summer Institute

MT Engage hosts a day and a half training session in the summer for faculty members to strengthen the skills needed to teach MT Engage courses. This year, over 30 faculty members registered and gained knowledge to certify their courses in the MT Engage program. On May 11th and 12th, several topics were discussed, including ePortfolio training and pedagogy, rubrics and assessment, integrative thinking, critical reflection, and student support services.

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summer institute                 Dianna Rust leading a training session on integrative thinking at the 2017 MT Engage Summer Institute. (Photo by Jayla Jackson)


Inaugural Student Reception

MT Engage hosted their first student reception on April 20, 2017. Students were provided with refreshments, t-shirts, and an opportunity to have their photo taken professionally for use in their ePortfolios. This event will happen annually, eventually growing to incorporate the presentation of scholarships.

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Student at reception              students at receptionLeft: Student displaying his MT Engage t-shirt. (Photo by Jimmy Hart)
Right: Students enjoying refreshments at the reception. (Photo by Jimmy Hart)

The Portfolio Process with Melissa Peet

Melissa Peet visited MTSU on March 21, 2017 to lead two workshops on ePortfolio development; one for students and one for faculty. Peet's work as director of integrative learning and knowledge management at the University of Michigan's Stephen M. Ross School of Business greatly influenced the MT Engage program. The presentations were sponsored by the Distinguished Lecture Fund, Jennings A. Jones College of Business, College of Education, Office of Student Success, and MT Engage. 

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peet flyer



MT Engage Open House

On February 15, 2017, MT Engage celebrated the opening of a new office space inside the James Union Building, Room 306. The office will be staffed Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

In an interview with MTSU News, Mary Hoffschwelle said "It not only provides a workspace for our MT Engage staff ... but it also provides a place where faculty and students can come to talk with us about MT Engage courses, what they're learning in these courses and what they need to do with what they're learning."

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  Dr. Dianna Rust and Dr. Mary Hoffschwelle (Photo by Jimmy Hart)             Cookies decorated using the laser etcher in the library's MakerSpace

Left: Dr. Dianna Rust (Left), QEP Committee chair, and Dr. Mary Hoffschwelle (Right), faculty fellow director of MT Engage. (Photo by Jimmy Hart)
Right: Cookies decorated by Lexy Denton using the laser etcher in the library's MakerSpace. (Photo by Jayme Brunson)


MT Engage Launch Celebration

On October 25, 2016, MT Engage celebrated the successful launch of their program inside the Student Union Ballroom. In addition to faculty-led teams and committees, MTSU students had a hand in developing the QEP. Marketing materials were created by advertising classes and branded with a student-designed logo. 

Dr. Mary Hoffschwelle, faculty fellow director of MT Engage, said “I’m working with a group of folks who are committed to thinking about learning and instruction so that we can really address the goals that we have at this university, not only the goals that we have for our Quality Enhancement Plan."

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Philip Phillips, Mary Hoffschwelle, Dianna Rust, Sidney McPhee (Photo by Jimmy Hart)      Left to Right: Dr. Philip Phillips, Dr. Mary Hoffschwelle, Dr. Dianna Rust, Sidney A. McPhee (Photo by Jimmy Hart)

First Annual MT Engage Week

Events scheduled throughout the week of September 15 to September 23, 2016 gave students an opportunity to get more involved in the campus community. Events included film screenings, debates, guest speakers, and symposiums as well as Bash the Rec and Engage-a-palooza: Open Mic MTSU Songwriters. Overall attendance is estimated at over 2,000 students, faculty, staff, and community members.

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bash    facilities   engageapalooza  ASID

MT Engage Positions Announced

The Office of the University Provost is pleased to announce the appointment of the two MT Engage Faculty Fellows effective July 1, 2016.

Mary Hoffschwelle, professor of History, has been appointed as the Faculty Fellow Director of MT Engage, MTSU’s Quality Enhancement Plan. 

She recently chaired the Academic Master Plan Subcommittee on Academic Quality and previously served on the General Education Committee, Planning Committee, and as Interim Director of the Albert Gore Research Center from January to July 2015.

 Dr. Hoffschwelle earned her master’s at the College of William and Mary and doctoral degree at Vanderbilt University, and began teaching at MTSU in 1992. She teaches general education courses in History as well as upper division and graduate seminars. Her teaching practice includes participating in Raider Learning Community course pairing Tennessee History and Science and Historypin Collections curated by Honors Tennessee History students for the Albert Gore Research Center. Prior to coming to MTSU, she was the Executive Director of Oaklands Historic House Museum.

Hoffschwelle will replace the QEP Committee Chair, Dianna Rust, who directed the development of the MT Engage plan. Rust as well as the other subcommittee chairs (Lara Daniel, Jason Vance, and Michelle Boyer-Pennington) will remain on a Leadership Team to provide support to the new Faculty Fellows. 

Scott McDaniel, professor of University Studies, has been appointed as the Faculty Fellow Coordinator of Assessment for MT Engage, MTSU’s Quality Enhancement Plan. 

He currently serves on the Faculty Senate and previously served on the Grade Appeals Committee and the Advisory Committee for LT&ITC. 

Dr. McDaniel earned his master’s in mathematics at MTSU and doctoral degree at Tennessee State University and began teaching at MTSU in 1995. He teaches general education courses in mathematics including statistics. His teaching practice includes flipped classroom and online instruction. He was a recipient of the Outstanding Achievement in Instructional Technology award in 2003 and 2015. He currently serves as Co-PI on an NSF grant developing modules for teaching statistics with pedagogies using active learning. He previously served as a statistical consultant for two Department of Justice Grants.

McDaniel will work closely with the IEPR Office to direct the assessment of MT Engage learning outcomes and program goals.

Under the leadership of Dr. Hoffschwelle and Dr. McDaniel, we look forward to seeing the implementation of MT Engage and how it will positively impact student learning on our campus.

Habitat for Humanity Build

On Friday, February 26, MT Engage partnered with Phi Kappa Phi to sponsor shifts as part of the MTSU Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build.

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Habitat Photo 2Habitat photo 1Habitat Photo 3Habitat Photo 4
Pictured:  MTSU Students Cera Salman, Evan Lester, Calla Sharp, Cole Fullerton, Alexis Noble, Jasiel Olvera and University President, Dr. Sidney A. McPhee. 

MTSU Business Student Justin Johnson Designs Winning Logo for MT Engage

MT Engage launched a logo contest as part of their November 6th kickoff. Entries were required to incorporate the MT Engage tagline, "engage academically, learn exponentially (and) showcase yourself". The top three entries were displayed at the Student Union Commons where members of the campus community could cast their votes. Justin Johnson's design will "represent the MT Engage curriculum enhancement plan for the entire university."

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Justin Johnson and Sidney McPhee (Photo by Andy Heidt)Pictured: Sidney A. McPhee (Left) and Justin Johnson (Right). (Photo by Andy Heidt)

Launch Event

On November 6, 2014, MT Engage was introduced to the MTSU community by President Sidney A. McPhee at an afternoon event on the Student Union Building commons.

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McPhee    Launch Crowd









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