All referrals require DOCUMENTATION. Documentation should include the student's full name, M number, phone number, and the relevant details describing the behavior in question. The documentation must also include the name and current contact information for the person referring the student for discipline. A person may use the forms found on this website to refer a student or an email or word document containing the same information.

All referrals do not end up becoming DISCIPLINARY CASES. Some referrals are information only, describe behaviors that are not rules violations, involve persons who are not students, etc. A referral means that the matter will be reviewed and may result in a disciplinary case being opened against a student. The Office of Student Conduct does NOT open cases against faculty members or professional staff members unless those people are also students at the institution. We also do not open cases against non-students.

Behavioral Misconduct Referrals - click here for form

  • Referral must include a detailed description of the behavior in question.
  • Referral should include the dates, locations, and times of the behavior to the extent that those things are known or available.
  • Referral must include examples of specific behavior: for example, it is not sufficient to say "student x was acting strange."; It is sufficient to say "student x stood up in class, clucked like a chicken, screamed profanities at the instructor, and stomped out of the classroom.";
  • Referral should include information about what remedial action has been taken by the person making the referral, if any.
  • Due to FERPA restrictions, the outcome of a disciplinary case will not be disclosed to the referring party or public unless this release is permitted under the exceptions contained in the legislation.
Traffic Citation Appeals

Student traffic citation appeals are heard by the Court of Traffic Appeals. Please visit the Student Government Association web site for full information.

Appeals may be made by visiting the SGA website.