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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Training


 Registration for the Advanced EMT course is now open.

Admission requirements for this class are:

  1. Successful completion of an MTSU EMT course within the previous 120 days and a passing score on the NREMT exam; OR
  2. Currently hold an EMT license, obtain a passing score on a written exam administered by MTSU personnel AND successfully demonstrate knowledge of practical skills as evaluated by MTSU-appointed personnel; OR
  3. Successful completion of a State approved EMT course within the previous 120 days and a passing score on the NREMT exam with successful completion of the MTSU AEMT placement test and practical.
  4. Must be 18 years or older;
  5. Must have an academic high school diploma or GED certificate; specialized education or Certificates of Attendance are NOT acceptable;
  6. Must be able to read, write, and speak the English language;
  7. Must submit two (2) letters of Good Moral Character from a medical professional (MD, DO, NP, PA, Paramedic or higher);
  8. Must present a Medical Statement (PH-0130) as proof of medical fitness;
  9. Must have no history within the past three years of habitual intoxication or personal misuse of any drugs or the use of intoxicating liquors, narcotics, controlled substances, or other drugs or stimulants in such manner as to adversely affect the person's ability to practice as an emergency medical technician;
  10. Must present proof of MMR Vaccination;
  11. Must present documentation of Varicella Zoster immunizations (2) or positive titer;
  12. Must present proof of a negative TB skin test or negative chest x-ray.

There will be two sections available: one class meets Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6pm-9pm and the other Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6pm-9pm. Classes will begin June 1st/June 2nd and end in late September. The cost for either course is $1099.00 For course information and to register, visit the following links:

The next EMT class (the first of two required to complete the EMS program at MTSU) will not begin until late fall, 2015.

To be notified when information is available for the 2015-2016 EMT course, complete the contact information form.