Stream Assessments

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) 305(b) report documents the general quality of surface waters in Tennessee. It contains information about streams, lakes, and wetlands, and identifies streams that are currently posted due to fish contamination and/or elevated bacteria levels.

Streams and lakes in Tennessee are ranked based on five use support categories, for seven designated uses. The designated uses are:

  • Fish and aquatic life
  • Recreation
  • Irrigation
  • Livestock watering and wildlife
  • Drinking water supply
  • Navigation
  • Industrial water supply

The five use support categories are:

  • Category One—waters fully support designated uses.
  • Category Two— waters fully support some uses but data are not available to allow all uses to be assessed.
  • Category Three— waters have not been assessed due to insufficient or outdated data.
  • Category Four— waters are impaired but development of a pollution control strategy study (TMDL) is not necessary.
  • Category Five— waters have been monitored and found to not meet

Other Resources

  • TDEC's Division of Water Supply has a groundwater quality report that is helpful.
  • TDEC's Division of Water Pollution Control has a proposed list of impaired Tennessee waters, called the 303(d) list.
  • The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Water has numerous water resources of all kinds.