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Rave Guardian

Campus Safety App

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The Rave Guardian Campus Safety App transforms mobile phones on your campus into personal safety devices.

Guardian enhances safety on campus through a virtual safety network of friends, family, and campus safety.

  • Panic Button — direct immediate connection to campus safety with GPS location and personal profile information.
  • Personal Guardians — Students can identify friends, roommates, and family as ‘Guardians’ along with Campus Safety. Students can set a Rave Guardian Timer. During a Timer session Guardians and Campus Safety can check status of student. If the Rave Guardian timer is not deactivated before it expires, campus safety is automatically provided with the user’s Rave Guardian profile to proactively identify and check-in on the individual.

Whenever students, faculty, or staff connect with campus safety from their mobile phone, the Rave Guardian Campus Safety App automatically delivers a complete caller profile – including current location, medical conditions, course schedule, addresses, campus ID photo and other critical data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and use of Guardian is free of charge to all active students, faculty, and staff. The only costs are those paid by the user directly to their cellular telephone provider.

Yes. Rave Mobile Safety uses the latest in security technologies and processes to ensure that all of your information is kept secure and private. Rave undergoes regular security audits to ensure the information security of data.

In order for your Guardian account to be activated, you have to complete three tasks: Register your cell phone. Create your 4-digit PIN. Accept the terms and agreements of this service.

Yes. All you need to do is register and save the Guardian phone numbers (provided upon registration) in your phone. All features of Guardian are accessed by dialing into the phone numbers associated with this service.

No. The basic profile features of Guardian work on any mobile phone running on any US-based mobile carrier network. Location information and other features are carrier and phone dependent.

If you change your cell phone number, you should log into your MTSU Critical Notification System (Rave Alert) Account and update your profile with your new mobile number. You will not be asked to create a new profile however you should review your existing profile, and confirm that the remainder of the information is up to date.

No. In the event that you leave MTSU for any length of time, your personal profile and account information will be removed from the system. Upon your return, you will need to register your personal profile and cell phone information in the MTSU Critical Notification (Rave Alert) System.

No. You can only be located if the Guardian timer has been set and expires, or when activating the Guardian system in “panic” mode on your registered cellular phone.

No. MTSU Police will only be able to view your profile information if a Guardian timer you have set expires, or when you activate the Guardian system in “panic” mode on your registered cellular phone.

No. Only MTSU Police will have access to your profile information. Furthermore, MTSU Police will only be able to view your profile information if a Guardian timer you have set expires, or when you activate the Guardian system in “panic”; mode on your registered cellular phone.

Guardian can locate most devices on the AT&T, Nextel, Sprint and Verizon networks. Once you have registered for Guardian, you will be presented with information about location services on your mobile carrier. Please refer to this section for more details.

Yes. Guardian works with any mobile phone, on practically any carrier. If Guardian cannot determine your phone’s location because the phone does not support that function you can still use the system. All other profile information will be made available to MTSU Police when you use Guardian.

Yes. Factors include, but are not limited to: whether or not you are calling from inside a building or a cellular “dead spot;” the strength of your cell signal, such as proximity of cell towers or satellites; whether or not your phone is GPS enabled and, the type and quality of your phone, carrier and signal.

You will opt-in to this service. Your profile will be pre-loaded with default information that already exists in the database used by the University for all students, faculty, and staff. During the registration process you will have the option to add additional (voluntary) information such as your vehicle registration information, medical conditions, allergies, or any other information that may assist MTSU Police during an emergency. You are in control of the information presented by this service.

No. Your cell phone will receive only one text message that provides you with a confirmation number indicating that your cell phone has been registered. No other advertisements or spam will be sent to your cell phone from Guardian.

Guardian includes a false deactivation code to alert MTSU Police, which is one number higher than your PIN. For example, if your PIN is 1234, you may enter 1235. Guardian will appear to turn off normally, but MTSU Police will be alerted. Please refer to your Guardian profile page under the “Learn More” tab.


For any other technical questions about Guardian, please contact:

Alana Johnson
System Administrator
Information Technology Division
Middle Tennessee State University
(615) 898-2677
[email protected]

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