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Date Event
January 16th Classes Begin
February 4th Scholarship Deadline
March 5th-9th Spring Break
March 18th-22nd  Major Field Test
 March 20th Networking and Information Exchange
 April 25th  Last Day of Classes
 May 13th Summer Classes Begin

 New CJA Programs:


Exchange Program with Northumbria University’s Law School in England for undergraduate credit.

Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne, England offers an undergraduate degree in law through their nationally, top-ranked law school. This program is designed for a student’s senior year - six classes completed in the Fall and Spring semesters. Students pay regular MTSU tuition, plus the cost of housing and food (average is approximately $800.00 per month). Students will take three law-related courses in both the Fall and Spring semesters.  The courses will transfer back as six specific courses or electives. 

If interested, please email Dr. Lee Wade at lee.wade@mtsu.ed

Accelerated Criminal Justice Administration Bachelor’s degree to Masters in Criminal Justice (ABM) Program.

 The new ABM Program is intended for high achieving rising juniors (about to complete your sophomore year) who possess a high, overall GPA and are capable of assuming graduate course work during the last two years of their degree. The student’s goal in the ABM Program is to obtain both a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration and a Master of Criminal Justice degree in 5 years by taking advanced, graduate electives that would substitute for undergraduate credit. Upon graduating with an undergraduate degree, the student would matriculate into the graduate program at MTSU and complete required graduate courses in CJA along with comprehensive exams or a thesis in their final semesters. 

 If interested, please email Dr. Carter Smith at



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