Following are some of the internships that are offered for EXL credit. Contact the department chair in your major about getting your major internship approved for EXL credit.

Course Description Instructor
BIOL 3200 Internship in Biology Seipelt
CHEM 3890 Chemistry Instruction Internship DiVincenzo
COMM 4900 Internship in Communication McCormick/Raffo
CSCI 4910 Computer Science Internship Pettey
ENGL 2580/3580 Teaching Internship Kates
ENGL 4600 English Internship Kates
HSC 4101  Internship Child Devl. & Family Studies Emery
JOUR 3580 School of Journalism and Strategic Media Practicum Farwell
JOUR 4000 School of Journalism and Strategic Media Internship Farwell
MGMT 4950 Management Internship Austin
MKT 4950 Marketing Internship Austin
ORCO 4220 Internship in ORCO Smith
PS 4040 Pre-Law Internship All faculty
PS 4270 Political Campaign Internship All faculty
PS 4280 Washington Experience All faculty
PS 4290 Public Service Internship All faculty
PS 4360 Legislative Internship All faculty
RIM 3580 RIM Practicum Brown
RIM 4000 Recording Industry Internship-Business Wald
RIM 4010 Recording Industry Internship-Business Pfeifer
SW 4590 Social Work Field I All faculty
SW 4680 Social Work Field II All faculty
UNIV 4110  University College Internship Owens