EXL Program Requirements

  1. Minimum of 16 hours of EXL designated classes. EXL classes include co-operative education/internships, study abroad, applied learning, service-learning, creative activity, teacher education, and laboratory experiences.

  2. At least one external activity. Students who do not have an external activity in their EXL coursework must either complete an external activity or must complete a formal research project. An external activity is defined as a project that requires the student to interact with people external to the university or a research project where students must interact with people outside their department or outside the campus community.

    Students may complete the external activity (activity outside MTSU) or research requirement in one of the following ways: complete an external service-learning project, actively participate in a regional or national competition as part of a student team, or complete a research project. The formal research project option may be completed through the Honors College, Undergraduate Research Initiative, as a formal thesis requirement within a major, or as an independent study class. The specific external activity or research project must be approved by the EXL director before the student begins the activity.

    Students may also complete their external activity through a class applied learning project or a service learning assignment.

  3. MTSU internal service component. Students may complete this requirement in one of three ways: participate in a leadership role in a campus sponsored charitable activity, volunteer with a campus office to assist other students, or be a campus leader.

    Examples of MTSU service projects include the Alternative Fall Break, Alternative Spring Break, SGA AIDS Quilt, Up ‘til Dawn, Phi Beta Sigma Steppin’ for a Cure, MTSU Health Fair, or Make a Difference Day Projects. Any verified philanthropic activity completed through a student organization or campus department in which the individual coordinated the event/activity may also be counted for EXL credit.

  4. Documentation of completion of EXL activities via an E-Portfolio (Required EXL 4000 course, 1 credit hour counts toward the mandatory 16 credit hours)

    Students should complete a Student Request for EXL Certification during pre-registration or regular registration for the semester the student plans to graduate. The form must be filed with the EXL Director no later than the last day to add classes each semester. This form lists the EXL Scholar requirements and provides space for students to document their completion of requirements. Students must complete this form to register for the EXL 4000 class.

  5. Participation in assessment activities.