Dr. Gilbert's Courses

Dr. Jackie Gilbert (instructor) is a professor of Management, and a fellow in the U.S. Academy on Workplace Bullying, Mobbing, and Abuse.

Graduate Management Courses

Current Issues in Management

Fall 2020 - MGMT 6690 - CRN: 83950

Current Issues in Management is a graduate course designed to provide students with an overview of several management topics: these include Business Spirituality, Bullying/Workplace violence, Globalization, Diversity, White Collar Crime, and Web 2.0, along with their role in organizations and society. How to strengthen organizational connection - through employee empowerment, civility policy creation, ethical procedures, and inclusion - is imperative in a rapidly changing, interconnected environment, in which business occurs at the click of a mouse. We will examine (using social media), how to present ourselves to receive the most positive reception when communicating with our peers, managers, and clientele.

A business in which employees feel engaged will yield positive benefits of productivity and reduced stress. The best organizational advertisement is people who talk non-stop about their positive workplace culture.


Organizational Development

Spring 2021 - MGMT 6660 - CRN: 11484

Organizational Development provides students with an overview of the OD function, and a basic understanding of the intervention process. You will learn how to solve organizational problems through understanding demographic trends (along with their impact on managerial decisions), using appropriate tools and practitioner interventions. Understanding of why cultural change is necessary (and how it occurs) facilitates dynamic firm growth. "Delayering" engendered as a result of technological innovations (and globalization) requires change in both management style and human resource function. Treating employees as partners, soliciting their opinions, explaining change rationale, and acting on their suggestions will facilitate a successful transformation process.


To audit a class:

  1. Potential auditing students will need to complete an application as a Non-Degree Seeking Student.
  2. MTSU will need to receive undergraduate transcripts from applicants to show that the students are eligible to be classified as a graduate student (e.g., they have completed a Bachelor's program somewhere. If they are an MTSU alum, the transcripts would already be on file.)
  3. We will need to put permits to register for each student that would like to audit a class (this is just an administrative procedure to allow students to audit.)
  4. Students will pay full tuition and fees ($1539.00) for the course, and not receive a grade or college credit for taking it.

Get a degree!

Students can apply to the Master of Science in Management program. After taking this course and 10 others, they will have an MS in Management degree with a concentration in Organizational Leadership.

Program Contact:
Daniel L. Morrell, PhD
Associate Professor of Management
Graduate Program Director
Master of Science in Management
Jones College of Business - MTSU


Undergraduate Management Courses

International Human Resource Management

Principles of Management

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