Alex Mueller

Alex Mueller

Hello! My name is Alex Mueller, and a senior here at Middle Tennessee.  I was raised in Franklin, TN, but have lived in many different places.  I like to spend my free time with family and friends, especially my dog.  Also love going to any type of sporting event or concert.  I am currently seeking my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and am very excited to finish this long, but enjoyable journey here at MTSU.  I am also currently working full time as an Account Manager with TBHC Delivers, traveling all over the state taking care of over 50 customers a week while also prospecting and acquiring new accounts within my territory.  So life is always very busy for myself.  In my future, I see myself working within the framework of my major, whether it be in sales, advertising, or something in that vein.  It very well could lead to myself becoming an entrepreneur and build something of my own as well.  I love working with people I know and building new relationships.  Helping a person's business grow is the biggest satisfaction of mine in my current job.  Seeing their appreciation and happiness fills me with joy.  I also have a passion of looking towards the future and forecasting what is coming next.  The most important thing I hope to gain from this management class is the skills to become a great leader in the future.  And I focus on the word leader instead of manager because I believe there is a difference between the two.  A leader is someone who can relate, empathize, be understanding, and motivate their subordinates to complete any task ahead of them, and make their employees feel worthwhile, a purpose, and happiness while they do it.  I look forward to being a Middle Tennessee Alumnus and being a positive influence to the world around me, whether in business or community.

Comments from Peers

  • Very engaged in class; stays on task and focuses, answering the questions in detail when asked.
  • Thank you for being punctual and very engaged in our group work!
  • Very helpful and engaged in our group discussions; optimistic and on time.
  • Always prepared and has many different ways of viewing the same points.