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The silly Solve Photo 1911

The silly Solve Photo 1911


The silly Solve Photo 1927

The silly Solve Photo1927


Me and my Horse in India (circa 1965)

Bill in horse riding gear

Yes, that's me just before I embarrassed myself on horseback in a riding competition. Could there be any more embarrassment than those pants or that hat, I hear you ask!  The horse's name was Tricksy, but it should have been Pythagoras. Half way through the competition, with all the other riders trotting nicely around the perimeter of a large square, Tricksy is struck by the fact that the hypoteneuse offers a shorter path than the sum of the other two sides. She acts on this discovery by bolting, at a fast gallop, across the field diagonally. My rescuer, Tricksy's handler, is pictured also. That was the last time I was on a horse.




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