Homepage of Rita the incontinent coonhound (AKA Puddles)

Sad Update: Rita passed away from kidney failure on January 19, 2009. She was a great, sweet dog and we will miss her.

Welcome to Rita's Homepage.  Rita came to us from our friends Becky and Rob. Rita showed up on their doorstep just after hurricane Rita (hence her name). Unfortunately, Rita has a "thing" for cats, and Becky and Rob have cats. So after a few months, and a number of vet bills for for the treatment of coonhound-induced kitty trauma, Rita was reassigned to our rural home.

Rita is as sweet as 3.14159 (that's pi, bad scientist humor!) even though she did initially suffer from occasional urinary incontinence (actually she didn't suffer, we did).  She has the habit of getting distracted following the wonderful scents in our woods and getting lost.  I finally took her on leash walks as it was easier than roaming the neighborhood looking for her and trudging up and down our ridges did some good for my waistline and aerobic stamina. On the days I worked at home she followed me around like a sticky shadow--it was really very flattering!

If you are a coonhound who has achieved a state of "high cotton" you can write to me via my private secretary at wroberts@mtsu.edu or write to me directly at rjcoones@gmail.com.


Ok, here's another Rita picture.  As you may be able to tell wearing pearls makes her very bitchy! (Actully she was just sneezing when I took the picture, but the maniacial look is priceless).


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