Field Guide to the Limestone Cedar Glades

There are a number of wonderful sites which collect pictures of and information about plants of the mid-south. The three you may find most useful are:

  • The National Resources Conservation Services - Plants Database (
  • Wildflowers of the Southeast US (
  • Vanderbilt University's Bioimages (

Plants of the Gravelly Glades


Nostoc commune - Witches Butter (not actually a plant but cyanobacteria) photos by Nancy Stetten

ARPAArenaria (Minuartia) patula - Glade Sandwort, also Pitcher's Stitchwort

photo by William S Justice, NRCS Plants Database


Leavenworthia stylosa - Nashville Glade-cress, Gray Cedar Glade-cress, Nashville Mustard ©Daniel Reed -

Stone CSedum pulchellum - Lime Stonecrop, also called Widow's cross

©Daniel Reed -

Lobelia appendiculata var. gattinger - Gattinger's Lobelia

Photo by Daniel Reed

the NRCS Plants Database

Talinum calcaricum - Limestone Fame Flower Photo by Thomas G. Barnes

the NRCS Plants Database

Oxalis violacea - Violet Wood-sorrel

©Daniel Reed -

Phacelia dubia var. interior - Glade Scorpion-weed

©William S. Justice. Courtesy of Smithsonian Institution, Dept. of Systematic Biology, Botany.


Plants of the Grassy Glades

Aristida dichotoma - Three-awn Grass

Manfreda virginica - False Aloe (also Rattlesnake Master)

©Daniel Reed


Belamcanda chinensis - Blackberry-lily

©Daniel Reed

Pediomelum subacaulis - Nashville Breadroot

©Daniel Reed

Dalea gattingeri - Gattinger's Prairie-clover also called Purple Tassels

©Daniel Reed

Hypericum perforatum - St. John's-wort

©Daniel Reed

Hypoxis hirsuta - Star-grass

©Daniel Reed

Eggleston's Violet
Phlox bifida - Glade Phlox (also Cleft Phlox)

©Daniel Reed

Verbena canadensis - Rose Verbena

©Daniel Reed

Small's Ragwort

Tennessee Coneflower ©Daniel Reed


Plants of the Xeric Limestone Prairie

Hypericum frondosum - Shrubby St. John’s-wort ©Daniel Reed


Forestiera ligustrina - Glade Privet

© 2002 Steve Baskauf Vanderbilt University Bioimages

Rhus aromatica - Aromatic Sumac

Symphoricarpos orbiculatus - Coralberry

© 2002 Steve Baskauf Vanderbilt University Bioimages

Plants of the Cedar Woods

Eastern Red-cedar ( Juniperus virginiana )

Hackberry ( Celtis laevigata )

FraxinusBlue Ash (Fraxinus quadrangulata )

© 2002 Steve Baskauf Vanderbilt University Bioimages

Winged Elm ( Ulmus alata )