Fall 2017 Honors Lecture Series

Fall 2017
Honors Lecture Series

Global Engagement

(UH 3000, CRN# 81522)

Mondays, 3:00 to 3:55 p.m.
Honors Amphitheatre (Room 106)



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August 28

Dr. Philip Phillips, Honors Associate Dean

Welcome and Introduction
September 4 Labor Day - No Classes  
September 11 Tara McKay

(Vanderbilt Ctr for Medicine, Healh and Society)

Pursuing Social Justice through Global Health Research and Science

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September 18 David Schmidt

(Vice Provost for International Affairs, MTSU)

Nowhere and Everywhere is My Home: Travel and Lifetime of Global Engagement

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September 25 Debra Hopkins

(EL Coordinator of Prfessional Learning, Metro Nashville Public Schools)

Surpassing "Limit": Accelerating Language acquisition for Emerging Multilingual Students

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October 2 David McCargar

(Education, Tennessee State University)

Turning Points: Afghanistan and Beyond

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October 9 Rebekka King

(Philosophy and Religious Studies, MTSU)

Memory, Representation, and Political Conflict: A Case of Buddhist Monks in Southern Thailand

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October 16 Fall Break - No Classes  
October 23 John DuBois

(Biology, MTSU)

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Meets Western Biotechnology

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October 30 Laura White

(English, MTSU)

Haunted Borders: Ghosts and Global Connections in Contemporary Anglophone Literature

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November 6 Kim Sokoya

(Management, MTSU) 

Globalization and U.S. Competitiveness

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November 13 TBA Student Roundtable on Education Abroad

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November 20 Laura Clippard

(Advisor and UFO Coordinator, MTSU)

Applying for Fellowships and Scholarships

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November 27 Thesis Presentations
Honors Students
Leslie Sweeton

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Nicholas Watts
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December 4 Thesis Presentations
Honors Students

Madeline McDonald
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Morgan Murphy
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