What type of training should I undergo?


What type of training do I need?

 That really depends on the type of activities you plan to do and your role in the research.  

Before applying to the IRB, the PI should ensure CITI training has been completed by all research investigators, including co-PIs, co-investigators, research assistants, and faculty advisors (www.citiprogram.org). 

  • All faculty should complete the "Social and Behavioral Research" training 
  • All MTSU students must complete "Social and Behavioral Research" training AND complete "students in research" supplemental module
  • Students and faculty who receive federal funding must also complete "Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR)" training.

Be advised that the students who plan to roll their class project into a thesis or a dissertation, must contact the Office of Compliance first before starting their research.  The protocols granted to conduct class projects do not apply for thesis or dissertation work.  Click here for more information on Training Requirements.


Quick Link to CITI Program ....


Informatative YouTube Videos from OHRP

The following links are videos from the OHRP to further educate researchers on the necessity of ethics in human subejct research specifically pertaining to the protection of human subjects.:

 Please be aware that the video links provided above are for information purposes only.  The researcher(s) must complete CITI training regardless they watched the videos or not.