About MTeach

What is MTeach?

MTeach is the mathematics, science and agriculture teacher preparation program at MTSU, and is designed to increase the quantity and quality of mathematics and science teachers.

Why teach?

There is no career more rewarding than teaching. As a math, science and agriculture teacher, you get to motivate students to create, solve, think, and grow. As you make a difference, you inspire the next generation of mathematicians and scientists.

Our nation is confronted with serious shortages in middle and secondary mathematics and science education. There is a strong, persistent and growing demand for committed teachers. Your math, agriculture and science skills are urgently needed. Job prospects and employment security are excellent, as science, agriculture and math teachers are in demand across the country. Click here to see recent projections of the opportunities in secondary school teaching.

How do I learn about teaching?

Take the first course in the MTeach program, MSE 1010, Inquiry Approaches to Teaching. This one-hour class will allow you to immediately experience teaching by sharing hands-on mathematics and science activities with elementary school students in their classrooms. You can then continue with the MTeach course sequence while you complete the requirements for your major. The MTeach program is designed and implemented in such a way as to actively prepare you for a successful career in teaching.

Where did MTeach start?

MTeach is a replication of the UTeach program begun in 1997 at the University of Texas at Austin as a new and improved way of introducing math and science majors to secondary school teaching. Our partnership with UTeach makes MTSU one of the premier institutions in the United States for the preparation of math, agriculture and science teachers.

How successful is the UTeach program?

UTeach students stay in the classroom. Nationally, only 51% of new math and science teachers are still in the classroom after five years, compared to over 70% of UTeach graduates. Additionally, UTeach graduates (and those of the 18 replication sites across the United States) are very much in demand by school districts. The UTeach Institute's website highlights the impressive success of the program.

How will MTeach benefit me?

Try out teaching and expand your career options!

  • Availability of limited number of scholarships for mathematics and science teachers.
  • Advisors that help get the courses you need and the best start in your career.
  • Collaborative environment with a dedicated study area, work room and resource area.
  • Continued support once you begin teaching.

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