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MTeach Minor Information Sheet

  • Wear the MTeach lanyard (which will be provided) or name badge with your MTSU ID to all observations and lessons in the schools. For security reasons, all schools require that you show your driver’s license or state ID at the door and sign in at the front office of the school each day that you visit. Be sure to wear a visitor’s badge that identifies you as a visitor.
  • Follow the school’s dress code policy for faculty members. Speak to your mentor teacher at the mentor teacher meeting to be sure you understand the dress code.
  • Represent yourself as a professional and potential job applicant each time you enter a school.

Any student who may need assistance in fulfilling the dress code requirements should contact their master teacher or MTSU campus resources: Clothing for Educators located in the College of Education or the Raiders' Closet in the KUC.


What is the MTeach program? Is it a class?

MTeach is a teacher preparation program here at MTSU. It is a collaborative program between the College of Basic and Applied Sciences and the College of Education. It focuses on middle and high school mathematics, agriculture and science teaching through a four-year undergraduate program that leads to a degree in mathematics, agriculture or a science and secondary mathematics, agriculture or science Tennessee teaching license. A sequence of Education and Basic and Applied Sciences classes make up the MTeach program, starting with the 1-credit Step 1 course MSE 1010: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching. The College of Education also offers programs leading to teacher licensure in other disciplines, although they have their own series of courses distinct from the MTeach sequence.

How will MTeach benefit me?

MTeach allows you to complete an undergraduate degree in your discipline and earn a teaching certificate at the same time. Direct benefits include...

  • Expanded career options upon graduation. 
  • A unique skill set that enables you to talk about and teach your content with depth of understanding.
  • Knowledge of different learning/teaching styles will make you a better communicator and leader in any group.
  • Whether you teach or pursue another career with your content degree, you will be more marketable and better prepared for the challenges you face.
  • Teacher certification is seen as a plus when applying to medical or graduate school. Also, if you don't get into the school of your choice immediately, you can earn approximately $32,000 a year to teach in area schools while you are waiting for admittance.
  • There is a desperate shortage of qualified math and science teachers in our area and across the country. Therefore, it will be easy to find employment upon graduation. 
  • You have the opportunity to encourage more young people to succeed in math and science, thus shaping the future of our nation.

How do I start the MTeach program? 

The starting point for MTeach is Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching (MSE 1010). This course is open to all undergraduates. This course offers students an opportunity to try out teaching with real students in elementary schools. The next step is Step 2: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design (MSE 1020). Here you build on the experience of Step 1 to develop your instructional practices, now at the middle school level. Step 1 is a prerequisite for Step 2. The major goal of both Step 1 and 2 is to offer students experiences that help them decide whether teaching science or mathematics is a career path they want to pursue.

I don't plan on teaching in Tennessee after I graduate. Is MTeach right for me? 

Earning a teaching license through MTeach is an excellent way to start your teaching career, no matter what state you choose to work in after you graduate. Once you earn a Tennessee teaching license, you take it with you, whether you stay in Tennessee or move to another state. If you do move out of Tennessee, you will need to check with that state's department of education to find out what additional requirements, if any, you would have to complete to attain a license from that state.

I am an upperclass student. Is it possible to complete the program by the time I would normally graduate? 

It is possible that you can still add the MTeach minor to your existing program. Please contact MTeach to schedule an appointment with an advisor.

What is after the Step 2 class? 

After Step 2, students continue their major graduation requirements, as well as math/science/agriculture specific education courses. If you start early enough in your college career, you can graduate with a bachelor's degree and a Tennessee teaching license in four years.

Can I take Step courses without committing to the rest of the MTeach program? 

Yes. You can take both Step courses to explore the idea of teaching and to learn more about math and science education without having to commit to the whole MTeach program. 

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