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Frequently Asked Questions

To find answers to frequently asked questions, select from:

Answers to the following questions and topics can be found on the MT One Stop website:

MT One Stop
Student Services & Admissions Center, Room 210
Phone: 615-898-2111
Fax: 615-904-8423
Email: [email protected]

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  • How much is tuition at MTSU?
  • Where/how can tuition be paid?
  • When are the fee payment deadlines?
  • When are bills available?
  • How do I receive a financial aid refund?
  • How do I set up an Installment Payment Plan?
  • Are tuition discounts available?

Financial Aid:

  • How/when should my student apply for scholarships?
  • What is the financial aid verification process and how do we complete it if we’re chosen?
  • How is the amount of aid a student can receive determined?
  • What are the loan options for my student and myself?
  • For what reasons may financial aid awards be adjusted?
  • How is Satisfactory Academic Progress determined?
  • What are the eligibility requirements for Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship Program (TELS)?
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  • Where can I view the finals schedule?
  • When is my student’s assigned registration time?
  • Where is the Drop/Add Late Registration Form located?
  • Where can my student go to change his/her major?

Grades & Transcripts:

  • Where are grades posted?
  • What does my student need to do if he/she needs to repeat a course?
  • What happens is my student gets notification regarding academic probation or suspension?
  • Where can my student get a copy of his/her transcript?
  • Where can my student get proof of enrollment at MTSU?
  • Where can we get graduation information?

Answers to the following questions regarding meals on campus can be found at the MT Dining website:

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  • What is a “meal plan”?
  • What are “FlexBucks”?
  • Where can meal plans be used?
  • Where are McCallie and Raider Zone located on campus?
  • Where is the KUC Grill located?
  • Where are the PODs located?
  • What is meal equivalency?
  • Is my student able to switch to a different meal plan once one has already been purchased?
  • What are the options provided to accommodate for dietary restrictions or needs?
  • What if my student does not use any or all of their meal plan?
  • What if I want to treat my student with something special for his/her birthday, special occasion, or a little gift “just because?

For further information, contact MT Dining Services:

Office: KUC 202 
Office hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday
Phone number: (615) 898-2675

(Please check the site for all up-to-date information on dining services and to submit your comments, questions, and suggestions.)
Meal Plans and their uses are subject to change. Please contact MT Dining to verify or if you have questions.

Answers to the following questions can be found at the Housing & Residential Life website:

family on campus
  • Are students required to live on campus?
  • What does signing the housing and residential life license agreement mean?
  • Can students request a particular roommate?
  • When will students know who their roommate will be?
  • When will students know their room assignments?
  • What if students want to change rooms, roommates, or halls after they have arrived on campus?
  • What should students bring to campus?
  • Are there items that students are prohibited from having in the residence halls?
  • When can students move into the halls for the fall semester?
  • What should students know about safety and security in on-campus housing?
  • What should residents know about fire safety?

Answers to the following questions can be found at the Parking & Transportation website:

family on campus
  • Do visitors need a permit to park on campus?
  • How are students’ vehicles registered?
  • How often are tickets issued?
  • How are tickets appealed?
  • What are some of the violations for towing/booting a vehicle?
  • When a vehicle is booted/towed for having five (5) or more traffic/parking violations in a semester, does it matter if the tickets have already been paid?
  • What do the fees and citation fines pay for?
  • What are Parking and Transportation Services hours?
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