Transfer Equivalencies

There are 148 transfer equivalencies on file for Jackson College

Transfer Course Transfer Title MTSU Course MTSU Title
AB 0021 Intro Auto Body ELEC ELLD LD: Intro Auto Body
AB 0114 Intro Auto Body ELEC ELLD LD: Intro Auto Body
ACC 0115 Payroll Accounting ACTG ELLD LD:Payroll Accounting
ACC 021101 General Accounting ACTG ELLD LD: General Accounting
ACC 0216 Financial Accounting ACTG ELLD LD:Financial Accounting
ACC 023101 Prin of Actg I ACTG 2110 Principles of Accounting I
ACC 023201 Prin of Acct II ACTG 2120 Principles of Accounting II
AFT 0110 Primary Ground Schoo AERO ELLD LD: Primary Ground Schoo
AFT 0115 Primary Flight I AERO ELLD LD: Primary Flight I
AGT 010101 Fund of Horticultur PLSO ELLD LD: Fund of Horticultur
AGT 012501 Home Grdng/Lndscpng PLSO ELLD LD: Home Grdng/Lndscpng
AGT 015001 Landscaping I PLSO ELLD LD: Landscaping I
AGT 017501 Applied Related Tra AGRI ELLD LD: Applied Related Tra
AGT 019001 Flower Indent PLSO ELLD LD: Flower Indent
AGT 020301 Pest Management PLSO ELLD LD: Pest Management
AGT 022101 Plant Propagation PLSO ELLD LD: Plant Propagation
AGT 023001 Greenhouse Mgmt PLSO ELLD LD: Greenhouse Mgmt
ART 0101 Two Dimensional Design ART 1610 2-Dimensional Design
ART 0111 History:Prehistoric ART 1920 Survey of Western Art I
ART 0112 History:Renaissance ART 1930 Survey of Western Art II
BIO 0110 Introductory Biology BIOL 1030 Exploring Life
BIO 0140 Pub Health/Disease HLTH ELLD LD:Pub Health/Disease
BIO 015501 Human Anat & Physio BIOL 2010 Human Anatomy Physiology I
BIO 0161 Gen Biology I BIOL 1110 General Biology I
BIO 1314 General Biology BIOL 1110 General Biology I
BIO 253 Human Anatomy & Ph BIOL 2010 Human Anatomy Physiology I
BIO 254 Human Anatomy & Ph BIOL 2020 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BUA 0100 Contemporary Business BCED ELLD LD: Contemporary Business
BUA 0111 Personal Finance FIN 2010 Personal Financial Planning
BUA 0120 Human Relations in MGMT ELLD LD:Human Relations in
BUA 0220 Principles of Management MGMT ELLD LD:Principles of Management
BUA 0230 Principles of Marketing MKT ELLD LD:Principles of Marketing
BUA 0231 Advertising Promo ADV ELLD LD:Advertising Promo
BUA 0250 Business Law I BLAW ELLD LD:Business Law I
BUS 010101 Marketing MKT ELLD LD: Marketing
BUS 013101 Intro to Business BCED 1400 Introduction to Business
BUS 013201 Prin of Advertising ADV ELLD LD: Prin of Advertising
BUS 013501 Business Law I BLAW ELLD LD: Business Law I
BUS 021201 Ind/Org Behavior MGMT ELLD LD: Ind/Org Behavior
BUS 022201 Persnl/Labor Relatn ECON ELLD LD: Persnl/Labor Relatn
BUS 023301 Salesmanship MKT ELLD LD: Salesmanship
BUS 023401 Business Management MGMT ELLD LD: Business Management
BUS 023501 Prin of Retailing MKT ELLD LD: Prin of Retailing
BUS 024301 Management Problems MGMT ELLD LD: Management Problems
CAD 1214 Autocad I ET 2310 Computer-Assist Draft Design I
CAD 1224 Technical Drafting ET ELLD LD: Technical Drafting
CEM 013101 General Chemistry CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I
CEM 0141 Gen Chemistry CHEM ELLD LD:Gen Chemistry
CEM 0151 Gen Inorganic Chem CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I
CIS 0101 Intro to Computer CSCI 1150 Computer Science Orientation
CIS 045 WebPage Design CSCI ELLD LD:Webpage Design
COM 0231 Communication Fund COMM 2200 Fundamentals of Communication
COM 0240 Interpersonal Comm COMM 2300 Interpersonal Communication
CRJ 0101 Criminal Law CJA 3250 Criminal Law
CRJ 0111 Intro Criminal Justi CJA 1100 Intro Criminal Justice Admin
CRJ 0119 Client Growth & Dev CJA ELLD LD: Client Growth & Dev
CRJ 0120 Human Relations For CJA ELLD LD: Human Relations For
CRJ 0121 Intro to Corrections CJA 2600 Corrections
CRJ 0127 Corrections Law CJA ELLD LD: Corrections Law
DAN 0121 Jazz Technique I DANC 1020 Jazz Dance Techniques I
DMS 100 Intro Diagnostic I ELEC ELLD LD:Intro Diagnostic I
DMS 104 Intro Sonographic ELEC ELLD LD:Intro Sonographic
DP 010101 Data Processing CSCI ELLD LD: Data Processing
DP 011501 Minicomptr Basic CSCI ELLD LD: Minicomptr Basic
DPR 010101 Data Processing BCED ELLD LD: Data Processing
DPR 101401 Intro to Data Proce INFS ELLD LD: Intro to Data Proce
DRA 0116 Intro to Drama THEA 1030 Introduction to Theatre
EC 011101 Consumer ECON ELLD LD: Consumer
EC 023101 Principles I ECON 2410 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECN 0231 Macroeconomics ECON 2410 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECN 0232 Microeconomics ECON 2420 Principles of Microeconomics
ENG 0080 Reading Essentials DSPR ELLD LD:Reading Essentials
ENG 0085 College Reading DSPR ELLD LD:College Reading
ENG 0091 Intro College Writing DSPW ELLD LD:Intro College Writing
ENG 0131 Writing Experience ENGL 1010 Expository Writing
ENG 0132 Writing Experience ENGL 1010 Expository Writing
ENG 013401 Technical Writing ENGL 1020 Research and Arg Writing
ENG 023101 Business Communicat ENGL ELLD LD: Business Communicat
ENG 0232 Tech & Business Wr ENGL ELLD LD:Tech & Business Wr
ENG 0242 Sports in Film & Lit ENGL 2020 Themes in Literature & Culture
ENG 0247 Poetry and Drama ENGL ELLD LD:Poetry and Drama
ENG 0252 Shakespeare ENGL ELLD LD:Shakespeare
ENG 0256 Amer Lit ENGL 2030 The Experience of Literature
ENT 0101 Entrepreneurship 1 ENTR 2900 Entrepreneurship
FRN 0131 Elem French I FREN 1010 Elementary French I
FYS 0131 Navigating College ELEC ELLD LD:Navigating College
GEL 0109 Earth Science GEOL 1030 Introduction to Earth Science
HIS 0131 West Civ to 1555 HIST 1010 Survey Western Civilization I
HIS 0232 Dev US From Civil HIST ELLD LD: Dev US From Civil
HOC 130 Intro Health Occup HLTH 2600 Intro to Health Professions
HPF 0160 Wellness HLTH ELLD LD: Wellness
HPF 0161 Personalized Fitness PHED ELLD LD:Personalized Fitness
HPF 016901 Aerobic Rhythms PHED 1190 Body Conditioning
HPF 0277 Stress Mgmt ELEC ELLD LD:Stress Mgmt
HUM 013101 Cultural Connection HUM ELLD LD: Cultural Connection
MAT 0019 Rapid Review Math DSPM ELLD LD:Rapid Review Math
MAT 0019 Rapid Review Math MATH ELLD LD:Rapid Review Math
MAT 0020 Pre Algebra DSPM ELLD LD:Pre Algebra
MAT 0030 Foundations of Math DSPM ELLD LD:Foundations of Math
MAT 0031 Beginning Algebra DSPM ELLD LD:Beginning Algebra
MAT 0033 Algebra for Statistics DSPM ELLD LD:Algebra for Statistics
MAT 0039 Begin Algebra DSPM ELLD LD:Begin Algebra
MAT 0131 Intermediate Algebra DSPM ELLD LD:Intermediate Algebra
MAT 0133 Intro to Probability MATH ELLD LD:Intro to Probability
MAT 0139 College Algebra MATH ELLD LD:College Algebra
MAT 0141 Precalculus MATH ELLD LD:Precalculus
MAT 0151 Calculus I MATH ELLD LD:Calculus I
MIC 141 Principles of Codi ELEC ELLD LD:Principles of Codi
MIC 241 Physician Office ELEC ELLD LD:Physician Office
MIC 242 Advanced Billing ELEC ELLD LD:Advanced Billing
MOA 011001 Medical Terminology HUM 2130 Medical Vocabulary
MOA 011201 Ins Report Law Ethi FIN ELLD LD: Ins Report Law Ethi
MTH 011201 Business Math MATH ELLD LD: Business Math
MTH 012001 Beginning Algebra DSPM ELLD LD: Beginning Algebra
MTH 0134 College Algebra MATH 1710 College Algebra
MUS 0107 Guitar I MUS 1550 Class Guitar I
MUS 0108 Guitar II MUS 1560 Class Guitar II
MUS 0130 Music of Non-Western MUHL 1610 The World of Music
MUS 0131 Understanding Music MUS 1030 Introduction to Music
MUS 0132 History American Popular Music MUHL ELLD LD:History Amer Popular Music
NSC 0131 Contemp Science PSCI ELLD LD: Contemp Science
PHL 023101 Intro Philosophy PHIL 1030 Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 0236 Ethics PHIL ELLD LD:Ethics
PHL 0243 Great World Religion RS ELLD LD:Great World Religion
PHY 013101 Physical World PHYS ELLD LD: Physical World
PHY 0151 Astronomy ASTR ELLD LD: Astronomy
PHY 145 Introduction to Ba PHYS 2011 Physics Problems Laboratory I
PLS 014201 State & Local Govt PS 2020 State and Local Government
PLS 121401 Intro Political Sci PS ELLD LD: Intro Political Sci
PSY 013101 Bus & Ind Psych PSY ELLD LD: Bus & Ind Psych
PSY 014001 Intro to Psychology PSY 1410 General Psychology
PSY 025101 Abnormal Psychology PSY 3230 Psychological Disorders
PSY 0252 Dev Psy PSY 2300 Developmental Psychology
PSY 1404 Intro to Psychology PSY 1410 General Psychology
RAD 013401 Radiologic Orient CHEM ELLD LD: Radiologic Orient
RAD 013501 Radiographic Positi CHEM ELLD LD: Radiographic Positi
RAD 013601 Radiographic Positi CHEM ELLD LD: Radiographic Positi
RAD 015101 Clinical Practium I CHEM ELLD LD: Clinical Practium I
SEC 015101 Begin Shorthand BCED ELLD LD: Begin Shorthand
SEC 024101 Medical Office Proc BCED ELLD LD: Medical Office Proc
SEM 0140 Seminar in Life ELEC ELLD LD:Seminar in Life
SEM 140B Seminar ELEC ELLD LD:Seminar
SOC 0117 Criminology SOC 4300 Criminology
SOC 0231 Principles of Sociology SOCI 1010 Introduction to Sociology
SPH 0231 Speech Comm COMM 2200 Fundamentals of Communication
SPN 0131 Elem Span I SPAN 1010 Elementary Spanish I
SSC 1314 Social Issues SOC ELLD LD: Social Issues