Transfer Equivalencies

There are 44 transfer equivalencies on file for Southrn Wesleyan Univ

Transfer Course Transfer Title MTSU Course MTSU Title
BIBL 1003 Life Teach Jesus RS ELLD LD: Life Teach Jesus
BIBL 1013 O T Survey RS ELLD LD: O T Survey
BIBL 1023 New Testament Survey RS ELLD LD: New Testament Survey
BIOL 0103 Botany BIOL 1120 General Biology II
BIOL 1004 General Biology Molecular BIOL ELLD LD: General Biology Molecular
BIOL 100L General Biology Molecular Lab BIOL ELLD LD:Gen Bio Molecular Lab
BIOL 1014 General Biology Organismal BIOL 1120 General Biology II
BIOL 101L General Biology Organismal La BIOL 1120 General Biology II
BIOL 103L Botany Lab BIOL 1120 General Biology II
BIOL 331301 Bioethics BIOL ELUD UD: Bioethics
CHEM 1004 General Chemistry I CHEM ELLD LD: General Chemistry I
COMM 1003 Intro to Communication Studies COMM ELLD LD:Intro to Comm Studies
COMM 3703 Communication & the Christian COMM ELUD UD:Communication & the Chrstn
CPSC 1103 Intro Computer Info CSCI 1150 Computer Science Orientation
CPSC 110L Computer Lab CSCI ELLD LD: Computer Lab
CPSC 2253 Visual Basic CSCI ELLD LD: Visual Basic
CPSC 3103 Systems Analysis CSCI ELUD UD: Systems Analysis
ENGL 1003 Freshman English ENGL 1010 Expository Writing
ENGL 1013 Freshman English ENGL 1020 Research and Arg Writing
ENGL 2053 World Lit Cultural ENGL 2030 The Experience of Literature
ENGL 2403 World Literature ENGL 2020 Themes in Literature & Culture
HIST 100301 World Civilization HIST 1110 Survey World Civilization I
HIST 2003 American History HIST 2010 Survey United States History I
HIST 2013 American History HIST 2020 Survey United States Hist II
MATH 0903 Devel Math DSPM ELLD LD: Devel Math
MATH 1023 College Algebra MATH 1710 College Algebra
MUSC 1521 Instru Ensemble MUEN 3700 Mixed Chamber Ensemble
MUSC 1522 Instru Ensemble MUEN 3700 Mixed Chamber Ensemble
NTGK 1203 Intro Nt Greek I RS ELLD LD: Intro Nt Greek I
PHED 1011 Bowling PHED 1080 Beginning Bowling
PHED 204301 Sci His Phil Fnd Pe PHED ELLD LD: Sci His Phil Fnd Pe
PHED 3023 Prev Ath Treat Inj HLTH ELUD UD: Prev Ath Treat Inj
PHED 3092 Met Teach Basketbal ATHC 3610 Coach/Officiate Basketball
PHSC 1523 Physical Science III PSCI ELLD LD: Physical Science III
PSYC 2003 General Psychology PSY 1410 General Psychology
RECR 414301 Leisure & Aging REC ELUD UD: Leisure & Aging
RELG 2403 Basic Christian Beliefs RS ELLD LD:Basic Christian Beliefs
RELG 240301 Basic Christian Bel RS ELLD LD: Basic Christian Bel
RELG 3753 Hist of Christianity RS ELUD UD: Hist of Christianity
RELG 4511 Field Ministry I RS ELUD UD: Field Ministry I
SEMR 0001 Freshman Seminar ELEC ELLD LD: Freshman Seminar
SEMR 100101 Freshman Seminar UNIV 1010 University Seminar
SEMR 2001 Marriage Family Semr ELEC ELLD LD: Marriage Family Semr
SOSC 100301 Intro Sociology SOC 1010 Introductory Sociology