Transfer Equivalencies

There are 108 transfer equivalencies on file for Fox Valley Tech Coll

Transfer Course Transfer Title MTSU Course MTSU Title
ACCTG 1010 Spreadsheets,Beginning ACTG ELLD LD:Spreadsheets,Beginning
ACCTG 1104 QuickBooks Accounting ACTG ELLD LD:QuickBooks Accounting
ACCTG 1132 Cost Accounting ACTG ELLD LD:Cost Accounting
ACCTG 1152 Spreadsheets,Intermediate ACTG ELLD LD:Spreadsheets,Intermediate
ACCTG 1153 Spreadsheets, Advanced ACTG ELLD LD:Spreadsheets, Advanced
ACCTG 1181 Financial Accounting 2 ACTG ELLD LD:Financial Accounting 2
ACCTG 1186 Income Tax Accounting ACTG ELLD LD:Income Tax Accounting
ACCTG 1194 Payroll ACTG ELLD LD:Payroll
ACCTG 1195 Advanced Payroll ACTG ELLD LD:Advanced Payroll
AERO 10402102 Aviation Weather AERO ELLD LD:Aviation Weather
AERO 10402107 CFI Flight 1 AERO ELLD LD:CFI Flight 1
AERO 10402120 Comm Instrument Flight 2 AERO ELLD LD:Comm Instrument Flight 2
AERO 10402192 Comm Instrument Flight I AERO ELLD LD:Comm Instrument Flight I
AERO 47402422 Flight Supp-Primary (2hr) AERO ELLD LD:Flight Supp-Primary (2hr)
BCED 118 Effective Business Practice BCED 1400 Introduction to Business
BIOL 0322 Pre Tech Biology BIOL ELLD LD: Pre Tech Biology
BLAW 0102 Business Law BLAW ELLD LD: Business Law
BLAW 0130 Real Estate Law BLAW ELLD LD: Real Estate Law
BUS 2112 Intro Business BCED ELLD LD:Intro Business
BUS 6150 Employment Law BLAW ELLD LD:Employment Law
BUS 6193 Human Res Mgmt MGMT ELLD LD:Human Res Mgmt
BUSI 0102 Business Intro BCED 1400 Introduction to Business
BUSI 1014 Entrepreneurship Introduction ENTR 2900 Entrepreneurship
CHEM 0112 Chemistry CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I
COMM 1080 English Composition I ENGL 1010 Expository Writing
COMM 1136 English Composition I ENGL 1010 Expository Writing
COMM 1196 Oral Comm COMM 2200 Fundamentals of Communication
COMPSOFT 103 MS Office Suite, Introduction INFS ELLD LD:MS Office Suite, Introducti
CRIM 0194 Forensic Anthropology Intro ANTH ELLD LD:Forensic Anthropology Intro
CRIM 0195 Forensic Entomology Intro CJA ELLD LD:Forensic Entomology Intro
CRIM 0208 Criminal Procedures CJA ELLD LD:Criminal Procedures
CRIM 1050 Crim Justice Intro CJA 1100 Intro Criminal Justice Admin
CRIM 4103 Cultural Diversity in CJ CJA ELLD LD:Cultural Diversity in CJ
CRIM 4110 Intro to Forensic Science CJA ELLD LD:Intro to Forensic Science
CRIM 4122 Biological & Trace Evidence CJA ELLD LD:Biological & Trace Evidence
CRIM 4124 Interview & Interrogation CJA ELLD LD:Interview & Interrogation
CRIM 4131 Basic Crime Scene Photography CJA ELLD LD:Basic Crime Scene Photograp
CRIM 4146 Impression Evidence CJA ELLD LD:Impression Evidence
CRIM 4159 Crash Scene Investigation CJA ELLD LD:Crash Scene Investigation
CRIM 4168 Property/Evidence Management CJA ELLD LD:Property/Evidence Managemen
CRIM 4176 CCI:Computer Crime Invest CJA ELLD LD:CCI:Computer Crime Invest
CRIM 4205 Writing Reports CJA ELLD LD:Writing Reports
CRIM 4208 Criminal Procedures CJA ELLD LD:Criminal Procedures
DSPM 0711 Basic Math Skills DSPM ELLD LD: Basic Math Skills
DSPM 0741 Basic Math Skills 2 DSPM ELLD LD: Basic Math Skills 2
DSPM 0786 Bus Math Prep DSPM ELLD LD: Bus Math Prep
DSPS 0740 1st Steps In Succes DSPS ELLD LD: 1st Steps In Succes
E CHILD 10307167 ECE Hlth Safety/Nutrition ECE ELLD LD:ECE Hlth Safety/Nutrition
E CHILD 10307179 ECE Child Development ECE ELLD LD:ECE Child Development
E CHILD 10307187 ECE Children Diff Abilities ECE ELLD LD:ECE Children Diff Abilities
ELEC 0100 Dev Disabilities ELEC ELLD LD: Dev Disabilities
ELEC 0107 Medical Terminology ELEC ELLD LD: Medical Terminology
ELEC 0431 Career Expoloriation ELEC ELLD LD: Career Expoloriation
ELEC 0444 Operating Trng Crts ELEC ELLD LD: Operating Trng Crts
ELEC 0449 Nsg Home Inservice NURS ELLD LD: Nsg Home Inservice
ELEC 0481 Help For Disoriented ELEC ELLD LD: Help For Disoriented
ELEC 5423 Positive Attitude ELEC ELLD LD:Positive Attitude
EMS 47531400 AHA BLS Provider CPR ELEC ELLD LD:AHA BLS Provider CPR
EMS 47531401 AHA Healthcare Provider ELEC ELLD LD:AHA Healthcare Provider
EMS 47531413 NREMT EMT Practical Exam ELEC ELLD LD:NREMT EMT Practical Exam
ENGL 0195 Comm Written ENGL 1010 Expository Writing
ENGL 0310 Intro to Grammar ENGL ELLD LD: Intro to Grammar
ENGL 0320 Ind Writing Skills ENGL ELLD LD: Ind Writing Skills
ENGL 0321 Practical Rdg III ENGL ELLD LD: Practical Rdg III
ENGL 105 Intro Reading & Study Skills DSPR ELLD LD:Intro Reading & Study Skill
ENGL 1103 Intro to College Writing DSPW ELLD LD:Intro to College Writing
EXT 0406 Motorcycle Rider Cou ELEC ELLD LD: Motorcycle Rider Cou
HPER 0101 First Aid CPR Prin HLTH ELLD LD: First Aid CPR Prin
MATH 0189 Introductory Statistics MATH ELLD LD:Introductory Statistics
MATH 0320 Program Math Support MATH ELLD LD: Program Math Support
MATH 0331 Basic Math Skill MATH ELLD LD: Basic Math Skill
MATH 123 Math w Business Apps MATH ELLD LD:Math w Business Apps
MATH 4113 College Technical Math 1A MATH ELLD LD:College Technical Math 1A
MEDI 1050 Medical Terminology HUM 2130 Medical Vocabulary
MGMT 191 Supervision MGMT ELLD LD:Supervision
MKTG 0104 Marketing I Prin MKT ELLD LD: Marketing I Prin
MOTORCYC 401 Motorcycle/Scooter Rider-16 HR ELEC ELLD LD:Motorcycle/Scooter Rider
NFS 0124 Physiology of Nutrit NFS ELLD LD: Physiology of Nutrit
NURS 0110 Intro to Nursing NURS ELLD LD: Intro to Nursing
NURS 0113 Nursing Skills NURS ELLD LD: Nursing Skills
NURS 0300 Nursing Diploma NURS ELLD LD: Nursing Diploma
NURS 0317 Math For Nurses MATH ELLD LD: Math For Nurses
NURSING 31543301 Nursing Fundamentals NURS ELLD LD:Nursing Fundamentals
NURSING 31543302 Nursing Skills NURS ELLD LD:Nursing Skills
OFFICE 106 Business Career Planning BCED ELLD LD:Business Career Planning
PHOT 051 Photography-Today's Amateur PHOT ELLD LD:Photography-Today's Amateur
PSY 0104 Prin Psychology PSY 1410 General Psychology
PSY 0113 Psyc Developmental PSY 2300 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 0198 Intro to Psyc PSY 1410 General Psychology
SCI 0120 Life Science BIOL ELLD LD: Life Science
SCI 0322 Pre Tech Life Sci BIOL ELLD LD: Pre Tech Life Sci
SCI 6114 General Biology BIOL 1110 General Biology I
SCI 6120 Lab Methods-Forensics CJA ELLD LD:Lab Methods-Forensics
SCIE 1080 General Chemistry CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I
SOC 0196 Intro Sociology SOC 1010 Introductory Sociology
SOC 9166 Intro Ethics SOC ELLD LD:Intro Ethics
SOC 9172 Diversity Studies SOC ELLD LD:Diversity Studies
SOC 9196 Intro Sociology SOC ELLD LD:Intro Sociology
SOC STY 9198 Intro to Psychology PSY 1410 General Psychology
SOCS 0103 Think Critically & Creatively PHIL 2110 Elem Logic Critical Thinking
SOCS 0196 Intro Soc SOC 1010 Introductory Sociology
SOCS 0198 Intro to Psychology PSY 1410 General Psychology
SPEE 0198 Speech COMM 2200 Fundamentals of Communication
TECH 0126 Computer Concepts CSCI 1150 Computer Science Orientation
TECH 0150 Microcomputer Applic INFS 2200 Introduction to Microcomputing
TECH 0162 Sturc Query Lang CSCI ELLD LD: Sturc Query Lang
UNIV 0116 Col Survival Skill UNIV ELLD LD: Col Survival Skill