Transfer Equivalencies

There are 292 transfer equivalencies on file for Univ Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Transfer Course Transfer Title MTSU Course MTSU Title
AFRI 0100 Blk Rlty Afrn Am Soc AST ELLD LD: Blk Rlty Afrn Am Soc
AFRI 0102 Surv African/Am Lit ENGL 2020 Themes in Literature & Culture
AIS 0263 N Am Indian Hist Since 1887 HIST ELLD LD:N Am Indian Hist Since 1887
ANTH 0101 Intro Anth Human Pr ANTH ELLD LD: Intro Anth Human Pr
ANTH 0102 Intro to Culture & S ANTH 2010 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 0104 Survey of World Soci ANTH ELLD LD: Survey of World Soci
ANTH 0328 Cmp Music Race Gend ANTH ELUD UD: Cmp Music Race Gend
ART 0100 American Art and Culture ART ELLD LD:American Art and Culture
ART 0101 Basic Drawing ART ELLD LD: Basic Drawing
ART 0122 Art Survey ART 1910 Survey of Non-Western Art
ART 0122 Art Survey ART 1910 Survey of Non-Western Art
ART 0132 Form, Space & Materi ART ELLD LD: Form, Space & Materi
ART 0234 2d Design II ART ELLD LD: 2d Design II
ART 118 Digital Arts:Culture,Theory,Pr ART ELLD LD:Digital Arts:Culture,Theory
ASTR 0103 Survey of Astronomy ASTR 1030 Exploring the Universe
BIO 0101 Microbiology BIOL 2230 Microbiology
BIO 010201 Elements of Biology BIOL ELLD LD: Elements of Biology
BIO 010301 Modern Biology BIOL ELLD LD: Modern Biology
BIO 0104 Plants in Today's World BIOL 1120 General Biology II
BIO 0150 Found Biological Sci BIOL ELLD LD: Found Biological Sci
BIO 0152 Found Biol Sci II BIOL ELLD LD: Found Biol Sci II
BIO 0202 Anat & Phys I BIOL 2010 Human Anatomy Physiology I
BIO 0203 Anat & Phys II BIOL 2020 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO 0325 Genetics BIOL 3250 Genetics
BSC 100 Intro to Communication COMM 2200 Fundamentals of Communication
BUS 0100 Intro to Business BCED 1400 Introduction to Business
BUS 0101 Intro to Business BCED 1400 Introduction to Business
BUS 021001 Intro-Managment Sta MGMT ELLD LD: Intro-Managment Sta
BUS 021101 Intro Managemt Stat MGMT ELLD LD: Intro Managemt Stat
BUS 0230 Intro to Info Tech Mgmt INFS ELLD LD: Intro to Info Tech Mgmt
BUS 023001 Intro Admin Data Pr INFS ELLD LD: Intro Admin Data Pr
BUS 330 Organizations MGMT ELUD UD: Organizations
C L 0101 Intro Clncl Lab Sci PSCI ELLD LD: Intro Clncl Lab Sci
CELT 0103 First Semester Gaelic ELEC ELLD LD:First Semester Gaelic
CELT 0104 Second Semester Gaelic ELEC ELLD LD:Second Semester Gaelic
CELT 0133 Celtc Crssngs:Hst,Clt Celt Wld ELEC ELLD LD:Celt Crsngs:Hst,Clt Celt Wl
CELT 0199 Independent Study ELEC ELLD LD:Independent Study
CELT 0203 Third Semester Gaelic ELEC ELLD LD:Third Semester Gaelic
CES 0210 Environmental Dynam ENVS 2810 Intro to Environmental Science
CHEM 0100 Chemical Science CHEM ELLD LD: Chemical Science
CHEM 0102 General Chemistry CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I
CHEM 0104 Chem the World Aroun CHEM ELLD LD: Chem the World Aroun
CHEM 0106 Chem the World Aroun CHEM ELLD LD: Chem the World Aroun
CHEM 0117 General Chemistry I CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I
CLAS S0170 Classical Mythology ENGL ELLD LD: Classical Mythology
CLASSIC 201 Intro to Greek Life & Lit ENGL ELLD LD:Intro to Greek Life & Lit
COMM 010101 Intro-Interprsnl Co COMM 2300 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 0103 Public Speaking COMM 2200 Fundamentals of Communication
COMM 0105 Bus & Prof Commun COMM ELLD LD: Bus & Prof Commun
COMM 0123 Intro Group Comm COMM ELLD LD: Intro Group Comm
COMM 0362 Argumentation and Debate COMM ELUD UD:Argumentation and Debate
COMP 0132 Intro Computing Mach CSCI ELLD LD: Intro Computing Mach
COMP 0133 20th Century Humanit HUM ELLD LD: 20th Century Humanit
COMP 0150 Survey of Computer Science CSCI ELLD LD: Survey of Computer Science
COMP 0231 Anti Semtsm & Holocu ENGL ELLD LD: Anti Semtsm & Holocu
COMP 030901 Mstrpcs 20th Centry ENGL ELUD UD: Mstrpcs 20th Centry
COMS 0210 Survey Comm Disorder COMM ELLD LD: Survey Comm Disorder
COMS 022001 Anatomy/Physiology- COMM ELLD LD: Anatomy/Physiology-
COMS 023001 Intro to Phonetics COMM ELLD LD: Intro to Phonetics
COUN 0403 Overview Counseling PSY ELUD UD: Overview Counseling
CRMJ 0110 Intro to Criminal Justice CJA 1100 Intro Criminal Justice Admin
CTA 103 Introduction to Public Speakin COMM 2200 Fundamentals of Communication
CTA 150 Introduction to Film EMC ELLD LD:Introduction to Film
CTA 218 Pop Culture in Media COMM ELLD LD:Pop Culture in Media
CURR 0112 Reading Proficiency READ ELLD LD: Reading Proficiency
CURR 0300 Intro to Teaching-Colloq/Field FOED ELUD UD:Intro to Tchg-Colloq/Field
CURR 0310 Curric Pre/Early Adolescent ECE ELUD UD:Curric Pre/Early Adolescent
DANC 0115 Beginning Jazz I DANC 1020 Jazz Dance Techniques I
DANC 0122 Beginning African Da DANC ELLD LD: Beginning African Da
DANC 0220 Body Sense DANC ELLD LD: Body Sense
E A 0002 Intro Coop Program ELEC ELLD LD: Intro Coop Program
E A 0100 Intro to Eas ELEC ELLD LD: Intro to Eas
ECO 110 Economics of Personal Finance ECON ELLD LD:Economics of Personal Finan
ECON 0100 Intro to Econ ECON ELLD LD: Intro to Econ
ECON 0103 Prin of Econ ECON 2410 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 0104 Prin of Econ ECON 2420 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 0248 Economics of Discri ECON ELLD LD: Economics of Discri
ECON 0330 Money & Banking ECON ELUD UD: Money & Banking
ED 0315 Grp Proc & Civic Engagement ELEC ELUD UD:Grp Proc & Civic Engmnt
ED 0375 Cultural Foundations of Educ FOED ELUD UD:Cultrl Fndtns of Educ
ED P 0100 Learning Skills Lab ELEC ELLD LD: Learning Skills Lab
EDUC 0100 Intro to Teaching FOED ELLD LD: Intro to Teaching
ELEC 0301 Electrical Science I ET ELUD UD: Electrical Science I
ENG 099 Writing Studio DSPW ELLD LD:Writing Studio
ENG 101 College Write & Critical Read ENGL 1010 Expository Writing
ENG 102 Crit Write, Read, & Research ENGL 1020 Research and Arg Writing
ENG 99 Writing Studio DSPW ELLD LD:Writing Studio
ENGL 0095 Comp Fund DSPW ELLD LD: Comp Fund
ENGL 010101 Intro College Writing ENGL 1010 Expository Writing
ENGL 0102 College Writing ENGL 1020 Research and Arg Writing
ENGL 0105 Editing College Writ ENGL ELLD LD: Editing College Writ
ENGL 0112 Writing & Critical T ENGL 1020 Research and Arg Writing
ENGL 0151 Film Art ENGL 3850 Literature and Film
ENGL 0201 Strategies-Academic ENGL 1010 Expository Writing
ENGL 0205 Business Writing BCED ELLD LD:Business Writing
ENGL 0215 Literary Imaginatio ENGL 2030 The Experience of Literature
ENGL 0233 Intro to Creative Wr ENGL ELLD LD: Intro to Creative Wr
ENGL 0247 Lit & Human Exp ENGL 2020 Themes in Literature & Culture
ENGL 0248 Lit & Baseball ENGL ELLD LD: Lit & Baseball
ENGL 0261 American Short Story ENGL ELLD LD: American Short Story
ENGL 026301 American Novels ENGL ELLD LD: American Novels
ENGL 0306 Survey of Irish Literature ENGL ELUD UD:Survey of Irish Literature
ENGL 0342 The Comic Tradition ENGL ELUD UD: The Comic Tradition
ENGL 0547 Feminist Lit Theory ENGL ELUD UD: Feminist Lit Theory
ETHN 0101 Am Cultures:Afric,Euro,Ind SOC ELLD LD:Am Cultrs:Afric,Euro,Ind
ETHN 0203 Wst Grt Lk Am Ind PHIL ELLD LD: Wst Grt Lk Am Ind
EXCE 030001 Exceptional Individ ELEC ELUD UD: Exceptional Individ
EXCE 0301 Amer Sign Language I ELEC ELUD UD:Amer Sign Language I
EXCE 0352 American Deaf Culture ELEC ELUD UD:American Deaf Culture
FILM 0202 Video Art Module EMC ELLD LD: Video Art Module
FILM 0212 Intermdt Topics in Film Studie ELEC ELLD LD:Intermdt Tpcs in Film Studi
FILM 0220 Basic Elmnts Filmmak EMC ELLD LD: Basic Elmnts Filmmak
FILM 0221 Basic Elmnts-Filmmak EMC ELLD LD: Basic Elmnts-Filmmak
FILM 0232 Animation I EMC ELLD LD: Animation I
FILM 0233 Animation Workshop EMC ELLD LD: Animation Workshop
FILM 0322 Inter Filmmaking I EMC ELUD UD: Inter Filmmaking I
FILM 0470 Adv Video Workshop EMC ELUD UD: Adv Video Workshop
FNDN 0101 Cultrl Diversity Hlg NURS ELLD LD: Cultrl Diversity Hlg
FNDN 0200 Growth & Devel I NURS ELLD LD: Growth & Devel I
FREN 0103 1st Sem French FREN 1010 Elementary French I
FREN 0104 2nd Sem French FREN 1020 Elementary French II
FREN 0203 3rd Sem French FREN 2010 Intermediate French I
FREN 0204 4th Sem French FREN 2020 Intermediate French II
FREN 0215 Conversation/Comp 2 FREN ELLD LD: Conversation/Comp 2
FREN 0323 Approaches Thea/Cine FREN ELUD UD: Approaches Thea/Cine
FREN 0325 Intensive Gram/Trans FREN ELUD UD: Intensive Gram/Trans
FREN 0327 Contemp Fren Lang & FREN ELUD UD: Contemp Fren Lang &
GEN 201 Foundations for University Suc ELEC ELLD LD:Foundations for Univ Succes
GEO 0100 Intro to the Earth GEOL 1030 Introduction to Earth Science
GEO 0105 Earth Air Fire GEOL ELLD LD: Earth Air Fire
GEO 0150 Intro to Ocean Scien GEOL ELLD LD: Intro to Ocean Scien
GEOG 0110 The World/Peoples & GEOG ELLD LD: The World/Peoples &
GEOG 0120 Our Physical Environment GEOG ELLD LD: Our Physical Environment
GEOG 0125 Challenge Phys Envi GEOG ELLD LD: Challenge Phys Envi
GEOL 0008 Parks Eastern Us GEOL ELLD LD: Parks Eastern Us
GEOL 0150 Intro to Ocean Scie GEOL 3010 Oceanography
GEOS 0106 The Earth Environ GEOG ELLD LD: The Earth Environ
GERM 101 First-Semester German GERM 1010 Elementary German I
GLG 170 Disasters-Liv on Edge GEOL 1040 Physical Geology
HCA 0105 Survey of Health Professions HLTH 2600 Intro to Health Professions
HCA 203 Human Life Cycle HETH ELLD LD:Human Life Cycle
HCA 212 Drugs Used and Abused SOC ELLD LD:Drugs Used and Abused
HEBR 0231 Intro:Old Testament/Hebr Bible RS ELLD LD:Intro:Old Tstmnt/Hebr Bible
HEBR 0254 Sem In Hebrew Cult ELEC ELLD LD: Sem In Hebrew Cult
HIA 0222 Language of Medicine ELEC ELLD LD: Language of Medicine
HIA 0224 Intro Micros For Ah ELEC ELLD LD: Intro Micros For Ah
HIA 0250 Ah Info Hlth Info Do HLTH ELLD LD: Ah Info Hlth Info Do
HIST 0100 Intro to History HIST ELLD LD: Intro to History
HIST 010101 West Civ Ancient To HIST 1010 Survey Western Civilization I
HIST 0102 West Civ-1500 to the Present HIST 1020 Survey Western Civilization II
HIST 0131 World Hist to 1500 HIST ELLD LD: World Hist to 1500
HIST 0151 Amer Hist to 1877 HIST 2010 Survey United States History I
HIST 0152 Am History 1877-Pre HIST 2020 Survey United States Hist II
HIST 0262 N Am Indian Hist to 1887 HIST ELLD LD:N Am Indian Hist to 1887
HIST 0272 The Blues History & Culture HIST ELLD LD:The Blues Hist & Culture
HIST 0287 The Vietnam War HIST ELLD LD:The Vietnam War
HIST 203 Medieval Europe-Early Mddle Ag HIST 1110 Survey World Civilization I
HLTH 0101 Intro-Health Diseas HLTH ELLD LD: Intro-Health Diseas
HLTH 010201 Health Care Deliver HLTH ELLD LD: Health Care Deliver
HLTH 0203 Human Life Cycle HLTH ELLD LD: Human Life Cycle
HLTH 0205 Pathophys Trtmnt HLTH ELLD LD: Pathophys Trtmnt
HLTH 0232 Intro to Nurition NFS 1240 Intro to Nutrition & Wellness
HUMK 0211 First Aid & CPR PHED ELLD LD: First Aid & CPR
HUMK 0230 Hlth Aspcts HLTH ELLD LD: Hlth Aspcts
IND 0101 Fund of Graphics ET ELLD LD: Fund of Graphics
ITAL 010301 First Semester Ital FL ELLD LD: First Semester Ital
JAMS 0101 Intro Mass Media EMC ELLD LD:Intro Mass Media
JAMS 214 Advertising in Ameri Society MKT ELLD LD:Advertising in Ameri Societ
JMC 0101 Intro Mass Media JOUR ELLD LD: Intro Mass Media
JMC 0142 TV & Radio In Amer EMC ELLD LD: TV & Radio In Amer
JMC 0251 Audio Production RIM ELLD LD: Audio Production
LEA 102 Learning Skills DSPS ELLD LD:Learning Skills
LEC 101 Academic Reading ELEC ELLD LD:Academic Reading
LEC 105 Finding Your Pathway ELEC ELLD LD:Finding Your Pathway
LING 0200 Aspects of Language ENGL ELLD LD: Aspects of Language
LING 0210 Power of Words ENGL ELLD LD: Power of Words
LING 100 Diversity of Human Lang ENGL ELLD LD:Diversity of Human Lang
MAT 0105 Intro College Alg MATH 1710 College Algebra
MAT 75 Math Success Strategies DSPM ELLD LD:Math Success Strategies
MATH 0090 Basic Math DSPM ELLD LD: Basic Math
MATH 0095 Essentials of Algebra DSPM ELLD LD: Essentials of Algebra
MATH 0100 Essentials of Algebra DSPM ELLD LD: Essentials of Algebra
MATH 0105 Interm Algebra DSPM ELLD LD: Interm Algebra
MATH 010601 Contemporary Application MATH ELLD LD: Contemporary Application
MATH 0108 Algebraic Literacy II MATH ELLD LD: Algebraic Literacy II
MATH 0112 College Algebra MATH 1710 College Algebra
MATH 0113 Plane Trigonometry MATH 1720 Plane Trigonometry
MATH 0115 Elem Functions MATH ELLD LD: Elem Functions
MATH 0116 College Algebra MATH 1710 College Algebra
MATH 0117 Trigonometry MATH ELLD LD: Trigonometry
MATH 0175 Math Explorations-Elem Tchr 1 MATH ELLD LD:Math Explorations-Elem Tchr
MATH 0176 Math Explorations-Elem Tchr II MATH ELLD LD:Math Explrtns-Elem Tchr II
MATH 0211 Survey Calc/Ana Geo MATH ELLD LD: Survey Calc/Ana Geo
MATH 0225 Calculus w/Precalc MATH ELLD LD: Calculus w/Precalc
MATH 105 College Algebra MATH ELLD LD:College Algebra
MATH 111 Intro Logic Critical Reasoning MATH ELLD LD:Intro Logic Crit Rsng
MATH 208 Quant Models for Business MATH ELLD LD: Quant Models for Business
MTHSTAT 215 Elementary Statistical Analysi MATH ELLD LD:Elem Statistical Analysis
MUS 0044 University Choir MUEN 3240 MTSU Singers
MUS 0107 Music Convocation MUS ELLD LD: Music Convocation
MUS 0248 Sight-Reading for Guitar I MUS ELLD LD:Sight-Reading for Guitar I
MUS 0300 Literary Aspects-Rock & Roll MUHL 3140 History of Rock N Roll
MUS 0309 Amer Folk & Popular Music MUS ELUD UD:Amer Folk & Popular Music
MUS 0348 Sight-Reading for Guitar II MUS ELUD UD:Sight-Reading for Guitar II
MUS 0409 Folk Music in Contemp Culture MUHL ELUD UD:Folk Music in Contemp Cult
MUS 0478 Finger-Style Guitar:Hist & Per MUS ELUD UD:Finger-Style Guitar:Hist &
MUS 0509 Cert Prg-Rock & Roll St Cptsn MUS ELUD UD:Cert Prg-Rock & Roll St Cpt
MUS 141 Class Voice Level II MUS 1520 Class Voice II
MUSI 0001 Theory Fund MUS ELLD LD: Theory Fund
MUSI 0040 Symphony Band MUEN 3100 The Band of Blue Marching Band
MUSI 0045 University Choir MUEN 3260 University Chorus
MUSI 0057 Concert Chorale MUEN 3200 Concert Chorale
MUSI 0101 Fund of Music MUED ELLD LD: Fund of Music
MUSI 0102 American Popular Mus MUHL ELLD LD: American Popular Mus
MUSI 0106 Foundations of Music MUS ELLD LD:Foundations of Music
MUSI 0123 Aural Theory I MUTH ELLD LD:Aural Theory I
MUSI 0127 Materials of Theory I MUTH ELLD LD:Materials of Theory I
MUSI 0150 Beginnig Guitar MUS ELLD LD: Beginnig Guitar
MUSI 0271 Jazz Ensemble MUEN 3400 Jazz Ensemble
MUSI 0280 Spec Stud In Music MUS ELLD LD: Spec Stud In Music
MUSI 0345 Beginning Guitar MUS 1550 Class Guitar I
MUSI 0346 Inter Guitar MUS ELUD UD: Inter Guitar
MUSI 0489 Wrksp:Cmptrs & Music MUS ELUD UD: Wrksp:Cmptrs & Music
MUSI 50 Kameraden Chorus MUS ELLD LD:Kameraden Chorus
MUSIC 130 Beginning Piano MUS 1530 Class Piano I
MUSIC 140 Class Voice Level I MUS 1510 Class Voice I
MUSP 0001 Piano Fundamentals MUS 1530 Class Piano I
MUSP 0151 Percussion MUED 1320 Percussion Techniques
MUSP 0247 Lessons in Guitar-Finger-Style MUAP ELLD LD:Lsns in Gtr-Finger-Style
MUSP 0351 Percussion MUS ELUD UD: Percussion
MUSP 0546 Master Class in Guitar MUS ELUD UD:Master Class in Guitar
MUSP 0551 Master Percussions MUS ELLD LD: Master Percussions
MUSP 101 Lessons in Piano MUS 1530 Class Piano I
MUSP 111 Lessons in Voice MUAP 2371 Private Instruction Voice
MUSP 311 Lessons in Voice MUS 1510 Class Voice I
MUSP 511 Master Class in Voice MUS 1520 Class Voice II
NURS 0101 Cultural Diversity Hlth Care NURS ELLD LD: Cultural Diversity Health
NURS 0103 Freshman Sem Professional Nurs NURS ELLD LD: Freshman Sem Prof Nurs
NURS 102 Perspectives Hlth Care Systems NURS ELLD LD:Persp Hlth Care Systems
NUTR 110 Intro to Food Princpls & Prep NFS ELLD LD:Intro to Food Prin & Prep
PHI 101 Intro to Philosophy PHIL 1030 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 0101 Intro: Whr R We From PHIL 1030 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 0211 Elem Logic PHIL 2110 Elem Logic Critical Thinking
PHIL 0232 Topics In Philosoph PHIL ELLD LD: Topics In Philosoph
PHIL 0241 Intro to Ethics PHIL 3150 Ethics
PHYS 0107 Physics In Everyday PHYS ELLD LD: Physics in Everyday
PHYS 0108 Lab Physics Everyday PHYS 2011 Physics Problems Laboratory I
PHYS 0110 Phys For Hlth Profes PHYS ELLD LD: Phys For Hlth Profes
PHYS 0120 General Phys I PHYS 2011 Physics Problems Laboratory I
POL 0215 Ethncty,Religion,Race-Politics PS ELLD LD:Ethncty,Relgn,Race-Poltcs
POL 0225 State & Local Govt PS 2020 State and Local Government
POL 101 Intro to Politics PS 1005 Intro to American Politics
POLS 0104 Intro to Amer Govt & Politics PS 1005 Intro to American Politics
POLS 0105 State Politics PS ELLD LD:State Politics
PSY 202 Introductory Psychology PSY 1410 General Psychology
PSYC 0101 Intro to Psychology PSY 1410 General Psychology
PSYC 0205 Personality PSY 3590 Personality
PSYC 0210 Psychological Statistics PSY ELLD LD:Psychological Statistics
PSYC 0254 Physiological Psychology PSY ELLD LD:Physiological Psychology
PSYC 026001 Child Psychology PSY 4190 Child Development
PSYC 0412 Psychopathology PSY ELUD UD: Psychopathology
PSYC 260 Child Psychology PSY ELLD LD:Child Psychology
REC 0290 Winter Camping REC ELLD LD: Winter Camping
RUSS 0245 Russian Life and Culture HUM ELLD LD:Russian Life and Culture
SOC 0100 Intro Human Services SW ELLD LD: Intro Human Services
SOC 0206 Society/Poverty/Welf SW ELLD LD: Society/Poverty/Welf
SOC 0350 Humn Behvr & Social SW ELUD UD: Humn Behvr & Social
SOC 0665 Cltrl Dvrsty & Socl SOC ELUD UD: Cltrl Dvrsty & Socl
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology SOC 1010 Introductory Sociology
SOCI 0101 Intro to Sociology SOC 1010 Introductory Sociology
SOCI 0102 Social Prblms/Amer SOC 2010 Social Problems
SOCI 024101 Criminology SOC ELLD LD: Criminology
SOCI 250 Sex and Gender SOC ELLD LD:Sex and Gender
SPT 0110 Physical Conditioning PHED ELLD LD: Physical Conditioning
SPT 0161 Bowling I PHED 1080 Beginning Bowling
SPT 0200 Intro to Recreation REC ELLD LD: Intro to Recreation
SPT 0231 New Games REC ELLD LD: New Games
SPT 0280 Field Experience REC ELLD LD: Field Experience
SPT 0290 Wilderness Survival LSTS 3570 Outdoor Pursuits Education
SPT 0295 Organized Sport PHED ACTY Organized Sport
SPT 0296 Exercise & Fitness Activities PHED ELLD LD:Exercise & Fitness Activiti
SPT& 0117 Step Aerobics PHED ACTY Physical Activity-Degree Audit
SPT& 0130 Ballroom Dance I PHED ACTY Physical Activity-Degree Audit
SPTC 0200 Intro to Recreation REC ELLD LD: Intro to Recreation
SPTC 02800 Field Experience REC ELLD LD: Field Experience
THEA 0101 Intro to the Actors THEA 1030 Introduction to Theatre
THEA 0220 Stage Management Production THEA 1025 Stage Craft I
THEA 0230 Acting II THEA ELLD LD:Acting II
THEA 0460 Storytelling THEA 4600 Storytelling
THEA 0473 Theatre in Elementary Educ THEA 4610 Theatre in Education
WGS 201 Intro to WGS-Humanities WGST 2100 Intro to Women's Studies
WMNS 0201 Intro Women's Studies-Hum WGST 2100 Intro to Women's Studies