Transfer Equivalencies

There are 15 transfer equivalencies on file for Mount Mary College

Transfer Course Transfer Title MTSU Course MTSU Title
BUS 0362 Principles of Management MGMT 3610 Principles of Management
FSH 0107 Fashion Survey TXMD 1170 Intro to Fashion Industry
HIS 0358 Studies in Am Hist-Vietnam War HIST 3130 The Vietnam War
INT 0152 Success Sem ELEC ELLD LD: Success Sem
MUS 0161 Appl Mus Priv Les MUAP ELLD LD: Appl Mus Priv Les
MUS 0171 Audio Recording RIM ELLD LD: Audio Recording
MUS 0173 Music Digital Stu RIM ELLD LD: Music Digital Stu
MUS 0175 Mus Ens Chorus MUAP ELLD LD: Mus Ens Chorus
MUS 0183 Mus Ens: Jazz MUEN ELLD LD: Mus Ens: Jazz
MUS 0185 Mus Ens: Rock MUEN ELLD LD: Mus Ens: Rock
MUS 0186 Mus Enl: Rock MUAP ELLD LD: Mus Enl: Rock
MUS 0285 Mus Ens: Rock MUEN ELLD LD: Mus Ens: Rock
MUS 0299 Aural Skills II MUTH ELLD LD: Aural Skills II
PHY 0161 General Physics PHYS ELLD LD: General Physics
PSY 0256 Abnormal Behavior PSY 3230 Psychological Disorders