SOAR Student Profiles

Rebekkah Riley

Rebekkah Riley

  • SOAR Position: Member; Alumni
  • Major: Biology & Spanish
  • Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. John Dubois; Dr. Tony Johnston

Current Focus: Production of Callus and Somatic Embryogenesis from Ovary Tissue of Vitis aestivalis ‘Norton Cynthiana’

Project Description

In my research, the ovary found inside the pre-flowering grape buds will be isolated in order to create a mass of undifferentiated cells or callus. Following the successful creation of undifferentiated cells, the callus will be put on different types of media in order to attempt to generate plant embryos. Alongside the use of solid media types, liquid suspension will also be attempted in order to achieve embryogenesis from the grape ovary callus.

Why does this topic interest you?

I am very interested in botany and plant science, so this project accurately reflects that interest.

What are your professional aspirations?

I hope to one day become and interpretive ranger in the National Park Service! If not that, I have high desires to pursue a career in nontraditional science education of children and young adults.

Do you have any advice for future researchers?

Never give up!! Right when you think you have tried everything and waited long enough something amazing may happen! Breakthroughs are always right around the corner.

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