Women's and Gender Studies Faculty/Council Application

To apply, please complete this online form, which will be electronically sent to the Women's and Gender Studies (WGST) Program director. If you have questions about any aspect of this application form, please contact WGST Director Vicky MacLean at vicky.maclean@mtsu.edu or 898-5908.

* All MTSU tenure-track and tenured faculty are eligible to apply for membership on the Women's and Gender Studies Council. All faculty (adjunct, full-time temporary, tenure-track, and tenured) and teaching staff may apply for Women's and Gender Studies Faculty status (see descriptions of each status below).

* Applications will be accepted throughout the academic year. 

I am applying for the following status* (check one or both):

Women's and Gender Studies Faculty
. Ensures that students who enroll in your departmental course/s with WGST attributes earn WGST minor credit
Women's and Gender Studies Council Member
. Involves active participation in Council activities and governance (Council members are required to attend at least two Council meetings in an academic year, actively serve on at least one standing committee, and serve the Council in other ways.)

* Individuals may request to change their status (via this online form) as their availability for active Council work changes during given academic years. Council Members who do not participate actively in Council work in a given year may be subject to reassignment by the director to Faculty status.


Departmental/Office Affiliation (or Department of Major):


Office Location:

Office Phone:

MTSU Box Number:

Email Address:

Curriculum Vitae: This application will not be complete until the Women's and Gender Studies Program receives a copy of your current C.V., sent as a Word attachment to womenstu@mtsu.edu. If your C.V. is available online, please indicate the URL here:

Please provide a statement of interest and experience in the field of Women's and Gender Studies (in accordance with our Program's Mission). Statement should include discussion of relevant courses taken and taught (undergraduate and/or graduate), research, activism and/or public service, and committee or other administrative work. This statement will be shared with the Women's and Gender Studies Council via email and, with your C.V., will be the primary content on which your application will be evaluated.

Please complete the following if applying for Women's and Gender Studies Faculty status (check all that apply):

Existing departmental course/s (course number and title) I will teach that currently earn WGST minor credit:

Existing departmental course/s (course number and title) I wish to submit for WGST minor credit:

New departmental course/s (course number and title) I wish to propose for WGST minor credit:

 I would like to teach the following WGST Program course/s:

WGST 2100 (Introduction to Women's Studies)

WGST 2500 (Women and Leadership)

WGST 3500 (Women and the Media)

WGST 3900 (Women and Globalism)
WGST 4200 series (Symposium in Women's Studies, see catalog for complete list):
. Course number or topic of new 4200 series offering to be proposed**):
WGST 4500 (Feminist Theory - capstone course)
I am willing to direct an Independent Study (WGST 4900) student in the following area/s:

** New Course Proposal Form

If you have difficulty with this form or prefer to email required information, you may send it to womenstu@mtsu.edu . You may also opt to send your materials on disk by campus mail to Box 498. We cannot, however, accept paper copies, as this information must be transmitted electronically to Council members for review and voting.