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The following forms are Microsoft Word documents (doc). To open Microsoft Word documents, you must have the Microsoft Word or a compatible word processing application installed on your computer.

Form Word Document
Contract for Deposit and Investment of Funds [DOC]
Contract Monitoring Plan [DOC]
Clinical Affiliation Agreement (HCA Facilities) [DOC]
Clinical Affiliation Agreement (Facilities other than HCA) [DOC]
Dual Service Agreement (MTSU as the Procuring Party) REVISED 1/7/2016 [DOC]
Dual Service Agreement (MTSU as the Vendor Party) REVISED 1/7/2016 [DOC]
Entertainment Agreement REVISED 4/8/2016 [DOC]
Hardware/Software Agreement [DOC]
Intellectual Property/Research Agreement [DOC]
Justification for Non-Competitive Personal or Professional Service Contract $250,000 and Greater [DOC]
Minority/Ethnicity Form [DOC]
MTSU as a Service Provider REVISED 4/21/2016 [DOC]
Non-Credit Instruction Agreement up to $25,000 [DOC]
Professional Service Agreement**Please note that Section C. 18 and the highlighted provisions at the end of the document should NOT be included in every agreement and are only applicable to:1. Contracts receiving Seigenthaler Chair funding OR 2. Contracts requiring GLBA language REVISED 4/21/2016 [DOC]
Short-Form Professional Services Agreement**Please note that this short-form agreement is approved solely for use by The Governor's School for the Arts, MTSU's Band of Blue, and/or MTSU Theatre and Dance. REVISED 4/8/2016 [DOC]
Standard Lease Agreement (Lessee) [DOC]
Standard Lease Agreement (Lessor) [DOC]
Generic Use of Campus Facilities Agreement REVISED 4/21/2016 [DOC]
Tennessee Miller Coliseum Use of Facilities Agreement REVISED 4/21/2016 [DOC]
Tennessee Livestock Center Use of Facilities Agreement REVISED 4/21/2016 [DOC]
Murphy Center Complex Use of Facilities Agreement REVISED 4/21/2016 [DOC]
Contract Amendment Model REVISED 1/7/2016 [DOC]
Educational Field Experience Agreement [DOC]
Dual Credit Agreement [DOC]
Articulation/Transfer Agreement [DOC]

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