All MTSU business cards, letterhead, envelopes, note pads, cards, and other stationery items must be produced by Creative and Visual Services and must be printed by Printing Services. This ensures consistency and quality in these key and ubiquitous branding items. Reprints of your stationery items, even if there are no changes, also come through our office.

Begin the Stationery Order process!

If you have any problems with the order or questions, please contact Sheron Neeley or Darrell Callis Burks.

For athletic stationery, please contact Sheron Neeley or Darrell Callis Burks.

Do you want to order a name badge? Click order name badge or send an email to that includes the name and department for each person for whom you are ordering a name badge, whether you want the badge to be plastic ($13.50) or metal ($8.50), your name, your index number, and the Box number for delivery. Thank you.

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