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    Hands-on experience
    is part of being at MTSU
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    On-campus shoots give students
    real-life experiences
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    Professionals explain ways to make successful "pitches"
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    MTSU's $1.7 million mobile production truck is a unique teaching lab
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    Students learn how to bring their ideas to life on the screen
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    Learn multiplatform journalism from our expert faculty
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    Students choose from a variety of courses that examine the media
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    At MTSU, students learn through hands-on experience
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  Leading Edge

The MTSU Emergency Micro-Grant Program

Grants to students in good standing with short-term financial emergencies to enable them to remain in school.
 For more information please call, 615-898-5171. 

College of Media and Entertainment

buildingMTSU's College of Media and Entertainment is unique in many ways. It's the only college in the United States with both a recording industry program and extensive offerings in media and entertainment together.

The make-up of the College lends itself to some unique opportunities - like the B.S. in Mass Communication with an emphasis in public relations for the recording industry or the B.S. in Recording Industry with concentrations in Music Business, Commercial Songwriting and Production and Technology. There are also minors in areas as perse as film studies or physics.

The College boasts nationally accredited programs in the School of Journalism and Department of Electronic Media Communication. The College also offers a master's of science (OR an M.S.) in Mass Communication with options to choose from several specializations. In addition, the College employs state-of-the-art technology in all three academic areas – Journalism, Electronic Media Communication and Recording Industry.

In 2012, the College opened its Center for Innovation in Media, which houses offices for Sidelines, MTSU's student-run newspaper; WMTS-FM, a student-run radio station; Match Records, a student-run record label; MT10, a student-operated cable television station; and WMOT-FM, a 100,000-watt public radio station at MTSU.

The College has graduated many leaders in the communication industry and prepares current students for the dynamic field. Such resources and efforts are recognized by staples of the industry such as Sony. In addition, faculty of the College of Media and Entertainment are consistently presented with recognition and/or are working on projects in specific areas of interest. Visit the College blog, The Leading Edge for the latest updates about faculty and student achievements, alumni highlights, college news and more.