Conference Room - Jones Hall 109B

Please fill out the information below when requesting the conference room in Jones Hall, room 109B. Should you have additional questions, please contact Mrs. CoTonya Malone, 615.898.2706.

To view the availability for Jones Hall 109B, please go to, prior to proceeding below. (See instructions below)

*Please fill in the form below completely*

You will receive an email confirmation providing its availability.

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To view availability of Jones Hall 109B, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to and 'select' Calendar at the top of the screen (or click on link above)
  2. Create a 'gmail' (email) account (department or personal)
  3. Login
  4. On the left hand menu, click on 'Other Calendars'
  5. Select 'Add a friend's calendar'
  6. Type in
  7. Here you can 'view only' the reservations for Jones Hall 109B Conference Room.  You CAN NOT add or remove any reservations that is on this calendar.
  8. Once you see your date(s) availability, complete the form above for confirmation.