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Scholars Week 2015 / March 16 - 20, 2015

Scholars Week posters
  MTSU Creative and Visual Services photo by Andy Heidt.

The Scholars Week 2015 University Wide-Poster and Performance Exposition will take place on Friday, March 20, 2015, from 12:40-3:15 in the Student Union Ballroom.

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KEYNOTE SPEAKER -- Monday, March 16, 7:00-8:00 pm, Student Union Ballroom

James McClintock (University of Alabama, Birmingham)

"From Penguins to Phytoplankton – The Impacts of Climate Change on the Antarctic Peninsula" 

The Antarctic Peninsula is currently one of the most rapidly warming regions of our planet. With warming, glaciers are receding, ice sheets are disintegrating, and the annual sea ice has been greatly reduced. Antarctic marine organisms ranging from phytoplankton, to krill, to penguins, and to the largest whales are being impacted, especially those whose ecology is depending on sea ice. Species formerly restricted to warmer regions, are extending their geographic range and moving into the community. In addition, Antarctic marine organisms are increasingly being subject to the negative impacts of ocean acidification resulting from the rapid absorption of carbon dioxide by the Southern Ocean. The story of the discovery and international mitigation of the hole in the ozone over Antarctica offers a model for a brighter future.  

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