To find your advisor in Pipeline:  Log in to Pipeline, go to RaiderNet, then Student, then select Registration, then select Assigned Advisors.  This will list your current advisor with contact information.

If you need to be assigned or would like to change an advisor in the Sociology/Anthropology department, please contact the Executive Aide, Pansey Carter, TODD 342 (615-898-2508).

Faculty advisors for department minors:

Anthropology - contact:  Dr. Kevin Smith (TODD 313)

Criminology - contact:  Dr. William C. Carter (TODD 329) or Dr. Meredith Dye (TODD 331)

Family Studies - contact:  Dr. Ron Aday (TODD 303) Dr. Gretchen Webber (TODD 305)

Gerontology - contact:  Dr. Brandon Wallace (TODD 330)

Archaeology - contact:  Dr. Kevin Smith (TODD 313)

Asian Studies - contact:  Dr. Ida Fadzillah Leggett (TODD 317)

Native American Studies - contact:  Dr. Kevin Smith (TODD 313) 

International Media Studies - contact Dr. William Leggett (TODD 319)