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RN to BSN Program

The School of Nursing's Online Bachelor of Science program, also known as the RN to BSN, is an online, interactive experience through which a student may earn a bachelor's degree in three semesters if all prerequisite courses are completed. Registered Nurses who graduated from an approved academic program with an associate degree in nursing or a hospital diploma in nursing will receive advanced standing credit for their knowledge and experience in the field of nursing. The RN to BSN is a unique program, consisting of an exciting mixture of online courses and real-life experience, provided through clinicals. The purposes of MTSU's Nursing Program are:

  • To provide quality nursing education which prepares graduates for professional nursing practice as generalists;
  • To prepare graduates who have an appropriate base for specialized study in nursing practice, education, administration, or research; and
  • To provide graduates with a professional practice base that is responsive to the changing health care needs of the citizens of Tennessee and the nation.

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For more details on admission, the progression requirements, and the School of Nursing, please contact 615-898-2437.

Prerequisites Requirements

A total of 141 hours are required for graduation, and thirty-seven (37) hours plus NFS 2220 and HLTH 2100 will be posted to the student's records during the last semester of upper-division nursing work. But first, students holding the RN license must meet general studies requirements. RN Associate Degree graduates may be exempt from some freshmen and sophomore general studies depending upon their year of graduation. (A nursing advisor will assist in determining exact requirements.)

Upon successful completion of the prerequisites, the RN student will take the required nursing courses. Whenever possible, the same faculty who teach on the MTSU campus will monitor, supervise, evaluate, and teach the online courses. The sequence of courses implies a commitment on the part of the MTSU School of Nursing to offer the courses online during the identified semester.

Admission Process

For acceptance to the School of Nursing's Online Bachelor of Science program, a student must:

  • Be admitted to MTSU. Obtain general university admissions forms at the Admissions Office, Student Services & Admissions Center, Rm 119, (615) 898-2111, by May 1 for fall admission or by November 1 for spring admission. If you enrolled at MTSU before, complete a re-enrollment form.
  • Submit transcripts to the School of Nursing. These may be formal transcripts or a student is authorized to provide a copy.
  • Provide evidence of licensure as an R.N.
  • Please consult with your advisor, 898-5252.

Cost and Financial Aid

Nursing students pay the same fee schedules as all other undergraduate students. See the current fee rates. Discipline-specific expenses will occur during the program. They can include such items as white uniforms, namepin, shoes, hosiery, watch with second hand, stethoscope, liability insurance, nursing bag, and so on.

For financial aid applications, please visit the Financial Aid Office.

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