Alumni Newsletter

Military Science Alumni Chapter Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro, Tennessee  May 2020

Greetings Military Science Alumni Chapter Members,

I hope all are safe and healthy!!

I’m BG(R) David Ogg, out-going MSAC President and on behalf of our out-going MSAC Vice-President Tom Hoover, and the always-present Secretary/Treasurer Nancy Garner, we are honored to update you on your MSAC.

If this is your first MSAC newsletter, GREAT!!  We continue to work with the MTSU Advancement Office to update our records so you know what your MSAC, the Military Science Department, the University and mostly what our great Cadets are doing.

So on with the updates and requests!


(1)The 2019 MSAC Annual Meeting was held on November 16th.  The following is a recap of that meeting:

--One major topic for this annual meeting was Election of New MSAC Board for 2020-2021:  Upon completion of this newsletter and tasks assigned, David Ogg, President and Tom Hoover Vice-President will NO longer be in their current positions.  Nancy Garner was reelected to remain as Secretary/Treasurer.

  ACTION REQUIRED:  If you want to be nominated or nominate someone for any office, please make it known to me ( and we'll present all names to the   membership for consideration and election at the November 2020 annual meeting.

--It was presented and approved that the By-Laws needed to be updated to include an Award section with the description and requirements for the Hall of Fame (i.e., General Officers, and Colonels to 2LT) and the Mrs. Virginia S. Austin Award (i.e., Individuals not MTSU commissionee-graduate).  This is a requirement that has previously been acknowledged by the membership but needs to be codified in the By-Laws.

ACTION RQUIRED:  Board of Officers will work this action.

--It was presented and approved that Nancy would remain in her current position and, if necessary, until the positions of President and Vice-President were filled, Executive Committees could be formed to work tasks involving the membership.  This operational tool is discussed in the By-Laws.  An example of this is that BG(R) David Ogg could chair any task requiring General Officer support.

ACTION REQUIRED:  Nancy will reach out to the membership for assistance when necessary.  Members can get with Nancy should they have a connection with MTSU that might benefit the MSAC and they would Chair.

--It was presented at the meeting that the next MTSU's "Salute to Veterans and Armed Services Day" will honor the 70 years of the MTSU ROTC Department.  It was also discussed that the MSAC will assist the Professor of Military Science (PMS) and the Veteran's Day Committee to the best of their ability.  The PMS was present at the meeting and understood our position.



(2)  MSAC Membership Dues: Remember to send in your membership dues to Nancy Garner, MTSU P.O. Box 52, Murfreesboro, TN  37132 or contact Nancy at to submit.  The current dues system is:  Lifetime Membership (scaled by age) 40-under: $350; 41- 50: $300; 51-60: $250; 61-70: $150; 71-80: $125; 80-above: $100; OR Yearly Membership: Gold Hooah: $80; Silver Trooper: $40; Bronze Raider: $20.

ACTION REQUIRED:  It was discussed at the November 17,2019 annual meeting that funds in the operating budget over $1000 would be moved to the Capstone or Scholarship, to ensure these accounts stand solvent.  It was approved that this action would be  discussed and voted on at each annual meeting for funds dispersement or not.

(3)  MSAC Funds Update:  The three funds that anyone can contribute to in support of our Cadets and ROTC Department are below.  To contribute see the Online links at the end of the newsletter.  Remember, all donations are 100% tax deductible.

-- MSAC Alumni Capstone Fund: Current Amount: $10,259.  This is a general purpose fund used to support the priorities of the Military Science Department.  This fund is under the direction and control of the Dean of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences with recommendations from the Military Science Department Chair and the MSAC President.  Forms of contributions are donations from the MSAC, friends of the university, and others who wish to support the general needs of the Military Science Cadet Corps, Department and MTSU.  As mentioned the MSAC membership through the MSAC President has direct recommendation input into the use of these donations.  Also, I would ask that you consider shifting your donations from the already substantial ROTC Alumni Scholarship account to this new Capstone account.  If the scholarship mission increases then we'll get back with you but for now we believe we've reached our scholarship goal.

-- ROTC Alumni Scholarship: Current Principle: $125,306.  This account is controlled by MTSU and influenced by the PMS.  Your generous donations have funded three $800 ROTC Alumni Scholarships for the 2020-2021 school year.  This funding amount is amazing, and more than enough to support the ROTC Department's desire to provide scholarships to deserving Cadets.

-- Alumni General Officer Award: Current Total: $1,670.  These funds, controlled by MTSU and influenced by the PMS, are donated by the 12 currently living Alumni General Officers (total ROTC Alumni Generals is 16).  The funds are specifically directed for the purchase of an Officer/Military Dress Saber for presentation each year to the new MTSU Cadet Battalion Commander.  The MSAC President will reach out to the Generals should funds be required and to new Generals as they are selected.

ALL ONLINE GIFTS:  Click the below link to make a gift online for the:  MSAC Capstone Account; ROTC Alumni Scholarship; or the Alumni General Officer Award Fund (General Officers only).


--Mail your donations/gift check, payable to the MTSU Foundation to:  MTSU Foundation, Wood-Stegall Center, P.O. Box 109, Murfreesboro, TN  37132

Military Science Department Updates:

For the first time in ROTC history, due to the COVID-19 pandenic, we conducted Virtual Commissioning Ceremonies for our Commissionees for Spring 2020.  There were thirteen commissionees:  6 Active Duty, 6 National Guard and 1 Army Reserves.  Congratulations to our newest Second Lieutenants!!

MTSU ROTC Alumni Link & Information:


-- Also, if you are on active duty, email Nancy and give her your branch, duty status and duty location.  We're working on the mentorship program and our records in general.  Thanks!!

-- Blue Raider Battalion's Facebook page at:  We’re looking into a specific Facebook page for the MSAC.

--MTSU ROTC Twitter:  @MTSUROTC is used by the MSAC for meeting updates and newsletter notifications.

--KIAs:  If you know of any Army ROTC alumnus that was killed-in-action, please submit their names by e-mail to Nancy Garner at


Again, thank you for all your support to the MSAC and the Military Science/ROTC Cadets and the cadre.

See you on the objective!!!


R. David Ogg, Jr.
MSAC President
BG, USA (Retired)
Class ’78

Thomas F. Hoover, Jr.
MSAC Vice-President
CPT, USA (Retired)
Class ’80

Nancy Garner
MSAC Secretary/Treasurer