Applications for Fall 2011

Sustainable Campus Fee Projects - Fall 2011 Applications
  Name of Project Responsible Person Funding Request
1 Infrared Thermometer Guns Leslie Mayberry $550
2 Protreat (kills mold in air handling unit pans) Leslie Mayberry $1,400
3 Rain Gardens on MTSU Campus for MS4 Compliance Dr Anderson, Mr Redd and Mr Sizemore $4,000
4 Feasibility of Putting Solar Panels on the Roof of the New MTSU Dairy Barn Drs Gill, Ricketts, Anderson, and Mr Redd $5,000
5 Recycling Supplies to Support Campus Events and Student Efforts Linda Hardymon $5,500
6 Murphy Center Dance Studio A & B LED Lamps Heather Cavitt $5,729
7 Insulate Pipes and Remove Asbestos (Ellington Human Sciences) Leslie Mayberry $7,000
8 Impact and Usage of Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at MTSU Dr Cliff Ricketts $9,500
9 Exhaust Ventilator Replacement- Solar -Kirksey Old Main (KOM) Gerald Grimes $9,954
10 Synthetic Media Pocket Filter- Walker Library (Phase 2) Leslie Mayberry $11,306
11 Solar Exhaust Fans - ROTC Annex Gerald Grimes $12,212
12 Synthetic Media Pocket Filter- Walker Library (Phase 1) Leslie Mayberry $14,500
13 Exhaust Ventilator Replacement- Solar -Maintenance Warehouse Gerald Grimes $14,930
14 Closed Loop Air & Sediment - Jones Hall Leslie Mayberry $15,450
15 Bioremediation of Barbiturates for Eco-Friendly Composting Dr Mary Farone $16,846
16 Coil Cleaning for Energy Efficiency Leslie Mayberry $17,248
17 Insulate Pipes and Remove Asbestos (Murphy Center) Leslie Mayberry $19,000
18 James Walker Library Atrium Lighting (LED) Gerald Grimes $19,366
19 Sustainable/Renewable Solar/Hydrogen Storage System Dr Cliff Ricketts $44,800
  Total   $234,291