Graduation Checklist

Every graduate student ends up at this point. GRADUATION!! It is both an exciting time and a bit of a ...process. 

We, here at the College of Graduate Studies, want you to have the best and most relaxing time making memories as possible. So, we have put together a list of things you need to know to get you to the big walk across the stage without stress.

Please always remember to check your emails from and for pertinent information that will lead you through the process; but if you're fighting the jitters, remember to follow the general outline of how things work below. 


For specific information, please visit the MTSU Graduation Websites. 


Beginning Your Last Semester


Check your DegreeWorks for requirement completion. DegreeWorks can be accessed through Pipeline: 

Pipeline -> Registration & Student Records -> DegreeWorks (Button on the right side of the screen)

  • In order to graduate, you must complete every item. Completed items are marked in Green. 
  • If something is not marked in green:
    • Current courses will show as “in-progress” until grades are entered and meet minimum standards.
    • Comp exam scores, portfolio, thesis/dissertation, internship grades, etc. will be submitted by your program, completing your DegreeWorks item.
    • Contact your advisor if courses are incorrectly showing in the additional coursework section.


Meet with your advisor to ensure everything is on track for you to graduate.

  • Discuss the need for any revisions to your DegreeWorks through a Revision Form.

Intent to Graduate Form

Complete your Intent to Graduate form within the first two weeks of your graduating semester. 
  • Without this form, the College of Graduate Studies does not know of your intent to graduate, and you will not be listed as a graduating student.

Throughout Your Last Semester

Watch Your MTSU Emails!

Emails may come from the College of Graduate Studies, Records, etc. regarding administrative details about graduation.

  • This may include the commencement program & diploma information, gown sizing & regalia, etc.

Confirm Personal Information 

Confirm/Correct any information: Name and Permanent Address (location you are using AFTER graduation). Details of this process may be found HERE.

End of Semester Tasks

Keep in contact with your advisor about any end of semester details, such as comprehensive exams.

Thesis/Dissertation Requirements

If you are working on either a thesis or dissertation, complete the requirements on the Thesis/Dissertation website.

End of Your Last Semester


Complete all items above before the deadline dates and participate in the commencement ceremony.

  • If you have not completed all DegreeWorks items and will not be graduating when you anticipated, complete the Request to Withdraw Intent to Graduate AND a new Intent to Graduate form for the semester in which you anticipate graduating. This puts you on the correct list as a graduating student.

After the Commencement Ceremony

Final Grades and Transcripts

Final grades are typically posted the following week after the commencement ceremony (even thesis/dissertation grades).

  • If you plan to request an official transcript, ensure you check the box to “hold for degree.”

Get Your Diploma

A physical copy of your diploma will be sent after the commencement ceremony to the address listed on your Intent to Graduate Form, unless otherwise corrected.

After looking through the MTSU Graduation webpages and reading your emails,
please direct any graduation questions to or