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How to Apply

Homeschool Students


Middle Tennessee State University offers great options for homeschool students. Not only do we have top-notch academics, access to advanced technology in and out of the classroom, and prestigious academic programs recognized nationwide, we offer an individualized experience appreciated by homeschool students. Some of the opportunities at MTSU for homeschool students include:

University Honors College

Through the University Honors College, students are able to gain an “ivy league education at a public institution cost.” Through small class sizes and premier faculty, students are able to immerse themselves in their academic experience by majoring in the MTSU Honors College. Follow the link to learn more.

On and Off-Campus Organizations

Whether you want to get involved with community service, academic groups, religious organizations, or just find a home church while studying at MTSU, there are countless opportunities for on- and off-campus involvement at MTSU and in the Murfreesboro community. Learn more about Student Organizations and Service by visiting their website. 

Sports Opportunities

Students can be involved with sports in varying levels of competition at MTSU. Whether you want to be part of one of our 17 Division 1 athletic teams, compete competitively through club sports, or stay active through intramural sports, MTSU offers many ways to stay actively involved with sports and athletics. 

Co-Curricular Opportunities

An education at MTSU means engagement inside and outside of the classroom. Through co-curricular opportunities, students can practice theory from the classroom in a real world environment. Whether you are interested in MTSU Debatemock trialmoot court, or our music ensembles, MTSU encourages all students to hone their skills through co-curricular involvement. You can find information about all of our student organizations at the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership!

Experiential Learning

Merge your classroom knowledge with real-world work environments as a student at MTSU. Through Experiential Learning (EXL), students can collaborate with staff, faculty, and local businesses and organizations and gain real world experiences while earning academic credit. You can learn more about Experiential Learning at MTSU by visiting the website.

On-Campus Housing

One of the best aspects of MTSU is our residential experience. Students can live on-campus in one of our 16 residence halls and apartments and gain convenient access to all the facilities and activities on-campus, day and night! You can even take advantage of one of our Living-Learning Communities, which means you live around other students with similar interests as you! National research shows that students who live on campus have a better chance of completing their degrees–not to mention, it’s a great place to make life-long friends. Check out the MTSU Housing website to learn more about living in one of our great residence halls!

Dual Enrollment 

There is no better way to get a preview of the MTSU classroom experience than by enrolling in dual enrollment courses. Offering college-level coursework that can also count towards high school graduation, students participating in dual enrollment are able to start their university experience with earned college credits. Dual enrollment is a great way to get a head start on your education!


MTSU prioritizes our top academic students, and one way we do this is by offering generous scholarships. Students entering as freshmen are guaranteed scholarships if they meet the academic requirements. We also offer competitive scholarships like the Buchanan Fellowship, which covers the full cost of tuition for four years plus a $1,000 textbook allowance, the DREAM Scholarship, and other various scholarships offered through our foundation and academic departments. You can learn about all of the MTSU Scholarships by clicking the link!

How to Apply

The college admissions process does not have to be complicated, and at MTSU we want to do everything possible to streamline the process for our homeschool students. Check out all the information below to learn how to apply to MTSU.

Guaranteed Admission

MTSU guarantees admission to students who meet one of the following requirements at the end of their junior year of high school:

  • 3.0 grade point average (if you have weighted and unweighted GPAs, we will take the highest listed on your transcript)
  • 22 ACT composite (or 1100 SAT, excluding writing)
  • 2.7 grade point average AND 19 ACT composite (990 SAT, excluding writing)

If you meet one of the above standards at the end of your junior year, we can offer you tentative acceptance to MTSU. Your acceptance will be finalized once you graduate high school and submit a final transcript listing your final grades and graduation date. 

Start the Application Process

There are a few steps necessary for you to complete the application process. Once you complete the following you are on your way to your college acceptance from MTSU!

  1. Complete the application for admission and pay the $25 non-refundable application fee.
    • You must pay the application fee before we can begin processing your application. This is the last step of the online application for admission
  2. Submit your official high school transcript.
    • High school transcripts must be official, which means sent directly to MTSU from your high school in a sealed envelope. Transcripts may not be submitted to MTSU via email.  To protect the personally identifiable information of prospective students, any transcript sent via email will be deleted and will not be processed. 
    • Tennessee residents must provide documentation showing the Intent to Home School was filed with the local public school system office.
  3. Submit your official ACT or SAT test scores
    • You can submit official ACT or SAT test scores through their websites. 
  4. Complete the Personal Statement if applicable. If you do not meet one of the guaranteed admission standards listed above, please respond to the personal statement questions listed on the last checklist item of the application before submitting payment.  

What’s Next?

After you are tentatively accepted to the University, you still have steps to complete before starting classes. Make sure you have everything marked off of the checklist!

If you need help with anything in the enrollment process, the MT One Stop can assist you. The MT One Stop offers assistance with financial aid, billing questions, class scheduling, and more. 

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