2019-2020 IRB Members




Dr. William Langston

Professor, Psychology

Co-Chair (Scientist)

Dr. Aleka Blackwell

Associate Professor, English

Co-Chair (Scientist)

Dr. David L. Butler

Vice Provost of Research and Dean of Graduate Studies, Office of Research Service

Institutional Official (IO)/Ex-officio

Dr. Moses M. Prabu

Compliance Officer, Office of Compliance and Research Service

Scientist (Permanent Member)

Dr. Stacey Browning

Assistant Professor, Nursing Scientist
Dr. Linda Gilbert Superintendent , Murfreesboro CIty Schools   Non-affiliated Member
Dr. David E. Nelson Associate Professor, Biology Scientist
Dr. Jackie Eller Professor, Sociology & Anthropology Scientist
Dr. Joshua Harms Associate Professor, Criminal Justice Prisoner Representative
Dr. Cyrille Louis Magne Professor, Psychology Scientist
Dr. Kathleen Darby Professor, Sociology Scientist
Dr. Maria Bachman Professor, English Non-scientist
Dr. Amanda Flagg Associate Professor, Nursing Scientist
Dr. Louis Kyriakoudes Director,  Gore Research Center Scientist
Mr. Jeffry Porter Director of Office of Research Services Ex-officio


Student Representatives

Sara Salisbury

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