IRB Members




Dr. William Langston

Professor, Psychology

Co-Chair (Scientist)

Dr. Aleka Blackwell

Associate Professor, English

Co-Chair (Scientist)

Dr. David L. Butler

Vice Provost of Research and Dean of Graduate Studies, Office of Research Service

Institutional Official (IO)


Compliance Officer, Office of Compliance and Research Service


Dr. Mitchell Mote Extension Agent III, University of Tennessee  Non-affiliated Member
Dr. David E. Nelson Associate Professor, Biology Scientist
Vacancy Vacancy Vacancy
Dr. Joshua Harms Associate Professor, Criminal Justice Prisoner Representative
Dr. Cyrille Louis Magne Professor, Psychology Scientist
VACANCY VACANCY Education/Child/Minors
Dr. Maria Bachman Professor, English Non-scientist
Dr. Amanda Flagg Associate Professor, Nursing Scientist
Dr. Louis Kyriakoudes Director, Gore Research Center Scientist


Student Representatives

Noelle Rausch, Graduate Student
Teckanous Simmons, Undergraduate

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