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Are you interested in an internship?  There is no better way to get enrich your education than to attain an internship.  Internships can be in many different forms, paid vs. not paid, school credit vs. no credit, a formal internship program vs. an informal internship for a smaller company.  Regardless of the type, it is a great way to take what you learned in class and apply it to the IT field.

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How to attain an internship?

Go out an get one!  That is the best way to get the one that you truly want, but we can also help.

What is an internship?

Any agreement between a student and employer for employment for a set amount of time (between 8 and 12 weeks).  It can a formal internship program with a company or it may be more informal that is an entry-level job at a small to medium size company.  In most instances it is paid and it may count for school credit as an INFS elective (for undergraduate majors only).   

What is not an internship (for school credit)?

The truth is, any job opportunity that has a fixed employment period (start and end date) is an internship.  But to receive college credit, it cannot be a job that you are currently employed, it must be in a related IT field, and it must have some time of deliverable/project that can be used for grading purposes.

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