Liberal Arts Mentoring Program (LAMP)

The Liberal Arts Mentoring Program (LAMP), is an initiative in the College of Liberal Arts with the goal of connecting freshmen to peer mentors within our college who are prepared to help navigate the first year. 

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Interested in being paired with a Mentor?

These students survived and thrived in their first years, and are working through the challenges presented by current pandemic circumstances right along with you. They will be available to answer questions, give advice, and help connect you to the many opportunities and resources at MTSU. You may even develop a friendship that will last long after your first year at MTSU! Please check back for an official introduction to our mentors.

What happens next?

You will be paired with your Mentor in mid-January, and the program will officially kick off on a timeline that coincides with our return to classes in January. In the meantime, I will send out a series of emails that will serve to introduce you to the group of mentors and provide some tips and resources for finishing the semester strong, surviving finals, and other info!

LAMP Mentor Information

Interested in serving as a Mentor?

In addition to valuable leadership training and personal growth, LAMP Mentors will receive compensations, the details of which will be discussed in the Mentor interview.  Applications for 2023-24 Mentor positions will be available in Spring 2023.


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