Executive Board

The LT&ITC Executive Board plans the activities, coordinates the resources, and cultivates the partnerships instrumental in fulfilling the mission of the Center. The Board oversees the planning and implementation of the various instructional support and faculty development services and programs offered by the Center.

Co-Director Barbara Draude serves as Assistant Vice President for Academic Technologies in the Information Technology Division. She is an assistant professor in the School of Nursing.

Barbara Draude

Contact: 615-904-8383 barbara.draude@mtsu.edu

Co-Director Cheryl Torsney holds the title of Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs in the Office of the University Provost.

Cheryl Torsney

Contact: 615-898-2881 cheryl.torsney@mtsu.edu

Tom Brinthaupt began serving as LT&ITC Director of Faculty Development in the Fall of 2010. He is also a professor in the Department of Psychology.

Tom Brinthaupt

Contact: 615-494-7676 tom.brinthaupt@mtsu.edu

Sheila Otto is the Director of General Education. She began serving as LT&ITC Director of Teaching Excellence in May 2014. She is also an associate professor in the English Department.

sheila otto

Contact: 615-898-5586 sheila.otto@mtsu.edu

Scott Haupt, Instructional Design Specialist, began with the Center in May 2015. He meets with faculty to advise in course design related to academic and instructional technology services.   Scott Haupt
Contact: 615-898-2061  scott.haupt@mtsu.edu

Jason Martin, Associate Dean of James E. Walker Library. Jason Martin
Contact: 615-904-8378 jason.martin@mtsu.edu

Cynthia (Cindy) Adams of University College, Manager of Distance Education Faculty Services. Cindy Adams
Contact: 615-904-8276   cindy.adams@mtsu.edu

Katie Gruber, Lecturer in Department of Communication Studies, fulfills a 2-year term on the Executive Board.
(January 2018-December 2019)

Katie Gruber
Contact: 615-904-8379  katie.gruber@mtsu.edu

Stacey Browning, Assistant Professor in the Department of Nursing, fulfills a 3-year term on the Executive Board.
(January- 2018- December 2020)
Stacey Browning
Contact: 615-494-8729  stacey.browning@mtsu.edu

Mary Hoffschwelle, Professor of History and Director of MT Engage. Mary Hoffschwelle
Contact: 615-898-5806   mary.hoffschwelle@mtsu.edu

Susan Myers-Shirk, Professor of History and MTSU Director of General Education. Susan Myers-Shirk
Contact: 615-898-2386

Brian Hinote, Professor & Administrative Fellow, Office of Student Success. Brian Hinote
Contact: 615-898-2488