Course Gamification: Leveling Up the Options (Choices/Assessments/Engagement)

Spring 2022


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You’re not TROUBLE. No need to say SORRY. Want to do more, but don’t have a CLUE where to start? It is time to Level-Up in Gamification! Ever notice how in every game, each of your decisions impacts your outcomes? What about in your courses?


This workshop is about structuring your course to promote active learning, student choice, and other peda/andragogy concepts. We will discuss universal design for learning and student engagement in learning through the gaming of assessment choices and grades, giving students the option to select which assessments they complete to reach a desired final grade in the course. How do their decisions impact their course outcomes, and how can you encourage active participation in learning?


Did you miss our Introduction to Gamification workshop last year? Visit it here for a recap of the basic concepts of gamification:



This is a Zoom workshop.

You will receive a Zoom meeting link the day before the workshop. - link to session

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