Primary Strategic Priorities and Work Groups

  1. Invest in a comprehensive faculty development program that includes the integration of high impact practices in key curricula. 

    Co-Chair: Leah Lyons  CLA                 Jane Lim COE
    Co-Chair: Greg Van Patten  CBAS   John Merchant         CME
    Brad Baumgardner CLA   Ryan Otter CBAS
    Tom Brinthaupt CBHS   Jean Wilson JCOB
    Brelinda Johnson OSS   Bethany Wrye CBHS

  2. Eliminate achievement gaps and increase the diversity of faculty and staff.

    Co-Chair: Cheryl Torsney Univ
                    Sheila Otto CLA
    Co-Chair: Vincent Windrow OSS   Mary Ellen Sloane LIB
    Daniel Green IDAC   Michelle Stevens COE
    Adelle Monteblanco CLA   Chandra Story CBHS
    Brelinda Johnson OSS   Louis Woods CLA
    Julie Myatt CLA      

  3. Increase online, hybrid and off-site offerings, adaptive scheduling, and curricular flexibility.

    Co-Chair: Tyler Henson       MTOS                   Tiffany Milfort CME
    Co-Chair: Brian Hinote  OSS   Sharon Parente LIB
    Kate Goodwin CLA   Sonya Sanderson CBHS
    Tim Greer JCOB   Steve Severn CLA
    Trey Martindale UC   Jennifer Woodard CME
    Dawn McCormack CGS      

  4. Create and support a culture of service through all divisions of the University.

    Co-Chair: Richard Chapman SHS                  Kathy Musselman HRS
    Co-Chair: Kathleen Schmand  LIB   Linda Olsen UG
    Alicia Abney COE   Zeny Panol CME
    Quintina Burton Events   Danielle Rochelle MTOS
    Paula Calahan JCOB   Cathy Sgambati Marketing
    and Comm

  5. Invest in a campus-wide environment that fosters living-learning opportunities.

    Co-Chair: David Urban          JCOB                John Ouellette CME
    Co-Chair: Bill Waits Campus
      Michelle Safewright Housing
    Grover Baker LIB   Deb Sells VPSA
    David Edgar Univ
      Lisa Sheehan-Smith CBHS
    Keith Gamble JCOB   John Wallin CBAS
    John Maynor CLA